hell is a place of suffering and punishment for those who do wrong, even tho as long as you are saved nothing u can do can get you in hell.
Someone who rapes and murders people every night for 20 years straight before getting caught and and put in prison for 20 years. he gets out after serving his time, but within 3 years he goes right back in for killing 10 people. Then this time he is given the death sentence will go to hell right? he will pay for his crime for what he did and will be punished for his actions. but wait right before he is executed he gets a his last right read to him by a paster or a priest and suddenly becomes saves. then he dies moments later. What happens next is something unimaginable, he isnt in hell, hes in heaven to live out the rest of eternity in complete and total bliss and to never be punished for the crimes of what he did while on earth. Meanwhile a 34 year old man named mike who helps the environment helps clean oil spills and animals during his free time, donates money to the needy and to charity, loves his beautiful wife and 2 children and does whatever it takes to make sure they are good kids, he never does anything wrong, he never stole anything since he was 5 years old when his mind knew not that it was wrong, he never cheated on his previous 2 girlfriends, and never cheated or even thought of another woman at all. He worked as an professor at a nearby community college teaching quantum mechanics and various other courses.Then one day he was walking to little boy a birthday present because his birthday was in 2 weeks, he sees a bus overturned and on fire, little grade school kids are stuck in it, he calls 911 but he has no signal so he rushes as fast as he cans to get the kids out, one by one he succeeds, then he went to get the one stuck in a corner cause their leg was stuck, he uses all his strength to move her out and does, then the fire is blazing and the man is stuck and he tries to get out but cannot, then the fire reaches the gas tank and the bus explodes, the children are all right but the man horribly dies. he awakens he is thinking "where am i" and he is in even more pain then ever before, Mike realizes that he is in hell and while on earth mike was an atheist for most of his life.
Christianity likes to make us think that we are useless dirty weak and lame that were stained the day were born no matter what we do were always be the same. Good men who do the best that they can in this world and never do any wrong at all in their lives will be according to Christians view will be tortured and punished forever for simply not believing in something that their brain isnt wired for them to believe. While men who rape, murder, steal, and do some of the worst acts imaginable can simply go unpunished if they simply just believe. that is whats wrong with the idea of hell.

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Comment by Clarence Dember on April 27, 2011 at 2:34pm
Heaven and hell are like meals with no food

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