Effing great! Freedom! So tonight I watched a documentary on the taliban blowing up the giant buddas in Afganistan, last night I finished up the atheism tapes, eleven years age I read the bible, four years ago the lotus sutra, the past two and a half years were dedicated to the quaran. Why? Because I had to, because no one does, no one that should anyhow. I think I heard my phone just now, a text message no doubt. Nothing containing anything of meaning.


My english professor wants me to journal this semester and my sociology professor is regretting asking for "spirited debates"

here is a little of what I am not going to say;


What if I feel none of this? What if my sea of discontent is really just a great void filled by reassurance and make believe? Will I ever be fulfilled considering the vast amount of emptiness I see? Just like waking up today, 6 months feel like an hour, 33 years may as well be a day. Will I accomplish all of the things I dream of? Can there be change in society if you fight hard enough? Must I always have a multitude of questions with no answers?


Hell no.....I will do as I have always done, whatever the hell I felt like. I cause no harm, I do good and love and laugh. I am out of the norm, I am rational and liberal, all the things disliked in the state of south carolina.



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Comment by Earther on June 28, 2011 at 10:42am
I can't believe you read all that although I am not much of a reader, I am too ADD and visual.  I am sure I could benefit from the information but I get distracted to easily. I also feel that I am too impatient with reading about religion in which I feel is somehow enabling the social pack of lies.
Comment by Earther on June 28, 2011 at 10:27am
I would like to give my atheist view of why theist continue in a way that may seem calous or stupid.  I think part of the behavior that we witness is that a large quantity of theist do not feel the need to justify their beliefs because most everyone else feels and thinks the same as them.  I know that this is very general but I think it is the trend of social groups.  You are more relaxed when you are in a non threatening group.



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