My Response To Father Barron's Incessant Bitching About Atheists

I tried to resist, but I just couldn't help myself.  I can't let this much stupidity slide without saying something obnoxious in return.  Read the entire article at the link provided.  WARNING: MAY CAUSE UPSET STOMACH, VOMITING, AND DIARRHEA.  CONTAINS TOXIC AMOUNTS OF ILLOGIC. PROCEED WITH REASON.

Father Barron's original, unedited text appears in quotes.



Real Clear Religion just featured Father Barron's reflection, "Why so many atheists on CNN Belief?" on their website. Read the article here. 
"The CNN Belief Blog, which has graciously featured a few of my pieces, just celebrated its first anniversary, and for the occasion, its editors reflected on 10 things that they've learned in the course of the year. The one that got my eye was this: that atheists are by far the most fervent commentators on matters religious."
Besides those fundamentalist Christoholics who love to threaten everyone with eternal damnation in Hell if they don't accept Jesus as their savior.  Carry on.
"This completely coincides with my own experience as an internet commentator and blogger. Every day, my website and YouTube page are inundated with remarks, usually of a sharply negative or dismissive nature, from atheists, agnostics, and critics of religion."

This is most likely because your website and YouTube channel are full of videos that are crammed with logical fallacies, horrendous analogies, shitty apologetics, and unsubstantiated claims.  At the same time, you dedicate numerous videos that claim "Atheism is a drug," and that Atheists "pretend there is no god."  If that isn't stupid enough, it gets better:  You are shocked to receive such harsh criticism from the groups of people you make false claims about.  It would be nearly impossible for any rational human being to make it through the entire duration of your videos and not leave you a comment telling you how absolutely, absurdly wrong you are.

"What do we make of this? I think we see, first, that atheists have come rather aggressively out of the closet. Following the prompts of Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Bill Maher, and many others, they have found the confidence to (excuse the word) evangelize for atheism"

'Evangelize' for Atheism.  Try as he may, Father just can't help but describe everything he encounters in terms of his personal religion.  Atheism isn't a religion, it can't be fucking evangelized.

"They are no longer content to hold on to their conviction as a private opinion;"

You hypocritical fuckass.  How about holding onto YOUR convictions as a private opinion and stop making shitty YouTube videos.

"they consider religion dangerous and retrograde, and they want religious people to change their minds."

Once again, you hypocritical fuckass.  You bitch about Atheists wanting religious people to change their minds, yet you've made a CAREER as a Catholic whose sole purpose is to change the minds of non-Catholics.

"In fact, some of my YouTube commentaries have been specifically targeted by atheist webmasters, who urge their followers to flood my site with "dislikes" and crude assessments of what I've said"

YOU ASK FOR IT DICKHOLE!  Jesus linedancing Christ, let me walk you through this…

1.  You make multiple videos that criticize Stephen Hawking, The New Atheists, Bill Maher, Christopher Hitchens, and science in general.  Your videos are full of false information about Atheism, endless logical fallacies, shitty arguments, and bad apologetics.

(By the way, I just "disliked" all of these.)

2.  After reviewing your material, some viewers spot your fallacies, flaws, faulty arguments, bad analogies, and/or false information.  They disagree with you and point out your illogic.

3.  The idea of someone disagreeing with your views comes as a complete surprise to you, as if this is the first time that anyone has ever challenged your ridiculously narrow worldview.  With a sour lemon face, tears rolling out of your eyes, and a quartet of solemn violins in the background, you make your way to your laptop and whine about YouTube "dislikes" elsewhere on the Internet, hoping those immoral Atheist meanies will feel bad about hurting your wittle feewings.

"And one of my contributions to the CNN site -- what I took to be a benign article urging Christians to pray for Christopher Hitchens -- excited literally thousands of angry responses from the haters of religion."

Are you completely unaware that Christopher Hitchens is an Atheist?  Did you not see the giant press release where he asked people not to pray for him?

Christopher has a deadly disease and you still fell the need to be a smug, arrogant, pestering, proselytizing, pain in the ass by asking all of your mindless sheeple to pray for him.  What are you praying for?  That he converts to your shitty religion?  The same religion that Mr. Hitchens has done an excellent job of completely intellectually demolishing for years.  Father Barron wants to urge Christians to pray for Christopher Hitchens?  Fine.  I'll urge Atheists to think logically for Father Barron.

"This fervor has led them, sadly, to employ a good deal of vitriolic rhetoric,"

"but this is a free country and their advocacy for atheism should not, of course, be censored."

Welcome to the highlight of the article.  It's all downhill from here.

"But it should be a wake-up call to all of my fellow religionists. We have a fight on our hands, and we have to be prepared, intellectually and morally, to get into the arena."

One might prepare intellectually by not trashing science.  One might prepare morally by not denying certain rights to certain groups of people.  You also might want to get your shit together and find an argument that isn't full of holes.  Just saying.

"Most of the new atheists employ variations of the classical arguments of Ludwig Feuerbach, Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Sigmund Freud,"

Damned logic…GGGRRRR!!!

"namely, that religion is a pathetic projection born of suffering, that it is an infantile illusion, that it is de-humanizing, etc."


"How well do Christians know the theories of our intellectual enemies? Can we identify their blind-spots and the flaws in their logic?"

How about you start with a good definition of Atheism.  Hint, hint, it's not that we secretly believe in god and choose to deny him.  You can't even see the flaws in your own logic and you are worried about finding blind-spots in other people's logic?  Remember that time you tried to refute Stephen Hawking's discoveries in physics and cosmology using a fallacious appeal to emotion?   That went well.

"Have we read the great Christian apologists -- G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, Ronald Knox, Fulton Sheen -- and can we wield their arguments against those who are coming at us?"

Yeah, the only problem is that all of their shitty arguments have been debunked numerous times.  These arguments are endlessly being recycled, repackaged, and refuted.

"In my own Catholic Church, we sadly jettisoned much of our rich apologetic tradition in the years after Vatican II, convinced that it would be better to reach out positively to the culture. Well, at least part of that culture has turned pretty hostile, and it is high time to recover the intellectual weapons that we set aside."

Wait…hostile?  Is everyone that disagrees with you "hostile?"  Speaking of hostile, you've mentioned fight, weapons, and getting into the area in this article.  "Here come the enemies, get out the weapons, durrrr hurrrrrr!"  You sound like my pissed off uncle after he's had a few drinks and starts bitching about the government.

"Today's atheists also eagerly use the findings of contemporary science -- especially in evolutionary biology and quantum physics -- to undermine the claims of religion."

EUREKA! Science is how we advance our understanding of what is true and what is false, what is real and what is not real.  Your religious claims don't meet the burden of proof, plain and simple.  This is why you constantly resort to poetic, bullshit, circular, rhetoric when making your arguments.  Oh, and if science actually did help your case for God, you'd be standing in line ready to blow Stephen Hawking for his amazing discoveries.

"Are the advocates of the faith ready to meet that challenge?  How carefully have we read the scientific critics? And have we bothered to study the works of such deeply religious scientists as Fr. John Polkinghorne, Fr. George Coyne, Fr. Stanley Jaki, and Fr. Georges Le Maitre, colleague of Einstein and the formulator of the Big Bang theory of cosmic origins?"

OH YOU HYPOCRITICAL FUCKASS!!  WOW, AREN'T (CERTAIN) SCIENTISTS AWESOME!?  YAY SCIENCE!!  Better yet…YAY SCIENTISTS WHO SHARE MY RELIGIOUS BELIEFS!  Fuck the other 93%, they're just soooooo insensitive.    Mmmm….those cherries are ripe for picking aren't they Father?

"We shouldn't imitate the Internet atheists in their nastiness,"

Who the fuck are you calling nasty?  ME?  Well, ok.

"but we should certainly imitate them in our willingness to come forward boldly and showing some intellectual teeth."

Or intellectual gingivitis.  Appeals to emotion aren't valid arguments.

"But the fierce and vocal presence of so many atheists on the CNN Belief Blog and so many other religious sites also speaks to what I call the Herod Principle.
The Gospels tell us that Herod Antipas arrested John the Baptist because the prophet had publicly challenged the King. Herod threw John into prison but then, we are told, the King loved secretly to listen to the prophet, who continued to preach from his cell."

"St. Augustine formulated an adage that beautifully sums up the essentials of Christian anthropology: "O Lord, you have made us for yourself; therefore our hearts are restless until they rest in you."

Poetic Bullshit Rhetoric.

"A basic assumption of Biblical people is that everyone is hard-wired for God in the measure that everyone seeks a fulfillment that cannot be had through any of the goods of this world. Long before Augustine, the psalmist prayed, "only in God is my soul at rest."

Poetic Bullshit Rhetoric Part II: The Fallacy Strikes Back

"My wager, as a person of faith, is that everyone -- at that includes Christopher Hitchens, Bill Maher, and Richard Dawkins -- implicitly wants God and hence remains permanently fascinated by the things of God."

Your head is so unbelievably far up your own religious ass, you just can't even imagine for one second that Christopher Hitchens, Bill Maher, and Richard Dawkins don't believe in your idiotic god.  How in the blue hell can someone be fascinated by god if they don't believe he exists?  How can they WANT god if they don't believe he exists?  You logic sucks harder than Ted Haggard in a hotel room.

"Though the fierce atheists of today profess that they would like to eliminate religious speech"

FALSE you fucking idiot.  Atheists are champions of free speech, especially religious speech.  The only difference is, we don't agree with it.  You have every right to say it just as we have the right to disagree with it.  Up until recently, non-believers were routinely killed by raging Christoholics for voicing their objections.  Just because Atheists speak against your suicidal, bloodthirsty, asshole god doesn't mean we are trying to eliminate religious speech or your right to publicly sob about dislikes on your YouTube account.

"and religious ideas,"

FALSE again.  When religious ideas are challenged, they fail to meet their burden of proof EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Atheists don't need to eliminate religious ideas.  They are ridiculous enough on their own.  Less and less people are taking them seriously not because they are forced by Atheists, but because they fall short of reason.

"secretly they love to listen as people speak of God."

Deputy Dumbass is on the case -- revealing the true secret desires of Atheists.  Yes, we sit outside your churches in hopes of hearing a sermon without anybody knowing we are there.  We just LOVE to listen to logic deprived idiots talk about how god miraculously cured their rectal warts as they drop money into the collection plate in hopes of more superstitious intervention.  Try your own logic on for size:  Though Christian leaders of today fiercely profess that homosexuality is a sin, secretly they love to get slammed in the ass all night long.

"This goes a long way, it seems to me, toward explaining their presence in great numbers on religious blogs.
So I say to Christians and other believers: be ready for a good fight, and get some spiritual weapons in your hands."

More fighting, more weapons.  Kind of like the Crusades!  CHARGE!!  How about this father: Don't bring a logical knife to a logical gunfight. ;)

"And I say to the atheists: I'll keep talking -- because I know, despite all of your protestations and sputtering, that your hearts are listening."

I say this to Father Barron: I'll keep criticizing -- because I know, despite all of your illogic, your brain manages to function.  Maybe someday you'll stop pretending there's a god and snap out of your pseudoscientific delusional fantasy.  Dislike.

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Comment by Paula Michelle C. on June 27, 2011 at 10:03am
We're NOT nasty, you are just a PUSSY!
Comment by Ilaria Giovacchini on June 24, 2011 at 7:53am
quote: "Who the fuck are you calling nasty? ME? Well, ok."
quote2: "Though Christian leaders of today fiercely profess that homosexuality is a sin, secretly they love to get slammed in the ass all night long"

I'm in love. Officially XD
Comment by Grace Fitzpatrick on June 24, 2011 at 1:08am
Actually, no.  My heart is not listening to this yahoo.  I don't even know who he is.  Sounds like a real nutjob.

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