Changing the Status quo of religions to Mythology

I would like to have your opinion about the discussion below. Our organization is quite young and we don’t have enough legal nor technical knowledge in this area. Meanwhile we are conscious that it is a huge endeavor to be carried out without international support and collaboration.

We at LP are wondering why today’s religions are seen as something with a superior status than the beliefs classified as mythology. Are they so different? Why even non-religious people use to accept the Abrahamic god and its hundred Catholic saints as something real, while other mythological divinities are considered legends?  This distinction gives advantages to theists which nobody else has. They have fiscal advantages, financial subsides, a special status and protection which, we believe, is not compatible with democracy.

We think it is fair the fact that before launching a medication in the market, a pharmaceutical company must test it for several years and spend a lot of money in research. They must prove its efficacy and make exhaustive tests to well know its side-effects. They are complained by law to advise people about it and publish the test results as well as its composition in its notice, in order to avoid issues as for instance, making money with something inherent or putting people life in danger by drinking toxic chemicals. Moreover, when a medication causes damages to people health it is quickly recalled from the market and the company is complained to respond in court.  So, why religion can freely make money in name of Jesus and disseminates the Biblical scriptures -which are clearly against the Human Rights principles- as being the right moral path to follow, without being complained to justify, supported by evidences, its efficacy or point out their “side effects”?

Why churches are allowed to convince fragile, illiterate and suffering people and children to follow such a moral guide, without being complained to prove that it is real and not an old-fashioned fantasy? If we compare the damage caused by medication with the ones caused by religion beliefs along of the history, we quickly realize how worst is religion. We think that we should advocate for reviewing these privileges and advise people and decision makers about this antidemocratic nonsense. I completely respect the right of everyone to believe or follow a certain belief or religion. Everybody must be free for believe in whatever he or she wants. What I am suggesting is to advise people about the lack of scientific evidences of a certain belief. Negationist and racist speeches are no longer under the freedom of speech’s shield because there are evidences which points out their danger. I really hope that the same thing will happen to religion. We have to collect facts to support our arguments.

As a first step we would like to invite everybody to replace the term “religion” by “mythology”. We believe that if in a few years the common sense makes people see these religions just like they see the Greek mythology, we will see a huge improvement in life quality around the world. We don’t know about damages caused by the followers of Thor or Zeus. When I am in a discussion against a theist I use as much as possible the term mythology instead of religion because I want to make it sound natural to people. We should change this status in the collective unconscious.

The second point, which can be carried out in parallel, is to advocate for the democratic rights -that everyone should deserve in a democracy- of being officially informed if the beliefs in which they believe are supported by evidences or not. They should be informed about the lack of scientific evidence for miracles, or for the power of pray or even for the historical authenticity of some Biblical personages like Moses, Abraham or even Jesus.

I hope that someday someone will bring a church or a priest in justice clamming against false miracles or a promise which was not accomplished. You must see what evangelical churches are doing in Brazil to steal people money. Things such as diplomas signed by Jesus Christ, pre-dated tenth checks which will be discounted every month. They are even sending their believers in justice when they don’t pay the monthly tenth.

We don’t want mitigate people freedom of speech or the right of everyone to believe in whatever he or she wants. We are not asking to anybody to cut off anything from the holy texts. What we want is to guarantee everybody’s right to the transparence and truth, maybe the most important pillar in a true democracy. Why we protect children from alcohol and drugs but not from construct their moral values based in misogyny, racism, xenophobia, intolerance, and homophobia? I can give as an example the law to protect people health from the tobacco industry. The cigarettes are still the same, but there are strong warnings in the package and campaigns in TV.

Please forgive my English. I am not a native English speaker. You can trust me; I do it really better in Portuguese.


I look forward to hearing from you and in the meantime; should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me,


Jeronimo Freitas

LP - Vice-President.

Twitter: @jeronimofreitas

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Comment by Jeronimo Lemos de Freitas Filho on June 29, 2011 at 2:54am

Thanks Sean,

I respect the right of mature and enlightened people have to believe in whatever they want. What I don't think it is fair is to put these beliefs in an almost untouched position above of everybody else. Not so long time ago slavery use to be seen as normal as well as smoke in flights use to be. Now a day if you try to do such a thing you are in trouble. People mind changed about these bad practices, so let’s start changing people mind about religion being something more real than mythology. Let’s stop their privileges. This is the first step

I don't think that mythology followers are receiving subsides from government as religion is, nor fiscal advantages and legal privileges. Religion and Estate have to remain separated but once religion put in danger children moral or steals people money, the estate must intervene and stop it.

Thank you for your participation.  

Comment by Sean Lloyd McGuire on June 29, 2011 at 1:44am
I think this is a great idea. Any distinction between religious stories and mythology is illusory. The comparison to medical regulation made me think of government directly regulating religion, that would never fly in America. You'd have the Xian Right telling you all about Separation of Church and State.
Comment by Diego Veríssimo Lakatos on June 28, 2011 at 8:42pm
Earther, I'm a member of LP (portuguese for Free thinks), in first place I would like to thank you for the comment. The text that Jeronimo wrote is just a draft, and we think that it's a good idea to listen reviews about our ideas.
Comment by Jeronimo Lemos de Freitas Filho on June 28, 2011 at 10:27am

Thank you Earther,


I am aware about it. I know it is difficult.
For the moment I am just talking about the idea. I believe that this kind of
change only passes when something big (caused by fundamentalists) happens.

I really appreciate your comment.

Comment by Earther on June 28, 2011 at 10:10am

I am most impressed that you can speak two languages such as portuguese and English.  I think that is a real gift and credit to education of foreign language.  Keep up the good work.  I am not convinced about your goal to obtain equallity of civil rights and monitary compensation.  When it comes to belief it is a social affair and to degenerate the ability to sociallize they way they expect to, people become very selfish if not violent.  To lie or steel about social justice is almost synonymous with terrorist to kill for religion.  Using the subconcious symbolic speech of mythology will not produce the affects you want.  Learning about how sad it is that people are self destructive and blood thursty may bring a more level idea of what you need to do.  You need to learn how to respect yourself and others for who they are no matter the injustice.  The more control and skill you have to bring respect to yourself will teach others how to do the same.  Here on Atheist Nexus you are just "preaching to the choir", so to speek, (using religious analogy;)  It is sad to realize we have very little support in the context of social justice and truth.  So what is going to help,  creating more contrast in our belief to their belief in language, territory, or power?

The only appropriate place to do that is in your government because if you try it in the general public you will be looking for trouble.  I really do not even suggest wasting your time in government either if you are not prepared for the tremendous rejection you will be encountered with.  Anything is possible and if it is worth doing it is worth doing well.  Just know that the beast is social rejection, a human being without a country.  Risk taking is exactly what is sounds like.



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