As the United States celebrates another birthday, let us remember that the great obstacles we have overcome as a nation. These advancements have not been from exercising our freedom OF religion; rather, it is when we exercise our freedom FROM religion that we may continue to improve human rights, freedom, and education in this country. May God B. Less on this day and even less on those that follow.

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Comment by Mojo on July 4, 2011 at 2:07pm
Mr. McGaffer, It is especially troubling in that the far right is diligently working to recast the founders as evangelical Christians or in some manner completely out of context to make them seem infallible.
The other day theocratic Presidential hopeful, Michelle Bachman stated that the Founding Fathers worked ceaselessly to end slavery. That is of course ludicrous and when it was challenged she doubled down on her propaganda by citing John Quincy Adams as a case in point. the problem is that John Quincy Adams was not a Founder, indeed he was about 9 years of age at the time of the revolution. As President he did disply his dislike of slavery, but he certainly did nothing to end it.
When I get the chance I like to read Thomas Paine's "Age of Reason" since he was widely regarded as the architect of the American Revolution. In the "Age of Reason" Paine methodically and elegantly takes organized religion apart. Considering the time in which he was writing it was an act of incredible courage. It is true that Paine admits that there is a creator, but as he and many deists of the Enlightenment agree the role of the Creator was simply to set the process into motion. Paine by the way had significant knowledge of astronomical science and physics and so he did not envision a creator as being built around the Adam and Eve scenario. They found the idea of an intervening omnissient god as simply part of the con that is organized religion
Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Paine all had a healthy skepticism, distrust and downright dislike of religion which they saw as simply the other way to control our thinking and our lives, the first being a monarchy.



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