I have a story I would like to share with my fellow Nexus users. Months ago when I was in Middle School, we had a day where someone from our town would read a story to our section (class). Yeah I know it sounds childish, but get over it.
Well lucky us, we got a local catholic priest. I thought to myself this should be good, because I kind of expected him to start preaching to us. I actually really did like him though, because he did not shove his beliefs down our throats and he never really focused on god as he did on how good mankind could be to each other.
So he read this story about how bad rumors are and all that good stuff. Back on the subject of mankind being good to each other he spoke of the Japanese Earthquake that occurred and he said we should all help the people from the disaster. He then asked the class what word would describe the society of humans that would mean we are all good people that deserve the same amenities and rights.
My class is very diverse when it comes to religion, we had some catholics, protestants, hindus, and a jewish kid. Anyways no one really responded to the question, because they really did not know what word would describe his description. I then looked over at my atheist friend and he raised his hand and said the word equality.
The priest then said that was the word he was looking for and he said he had faith in the future of man since we know how humans should be treated and how people should live. To this day, I have always thought it was funny that all those religious kids didn't know how to respond to that, yet they have the "Evil atheist kid" understanding the rights everyone should be entitled to.


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Comment by Chris C. on July 10, 2011 at 4:09pm
I'm 14 and thanks Andrea. Thank you also Cliff.

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