so the governor of oklahoma has asked all residents to set aside time on sunday to pray for rain.

i want to throw a fit. a literal tantrum. i want to jump up and down and scream until my face turns blue. why? fuck if i know... ok so i have an idea why.

why should that be acceptable behavior for an elected official?? if the governor were to suggest we should sacrifice a goat to bring rain they would be ran outta office quicker than shit. probably the same scenario would play out if they were to suggest we pray to satan or allah to bring us rain or that we should all preform a rain dance at noon on sunday to end the drought. the same goddamn christians that are currently spamming the news channel that posted this with praise for our idiot governor would instantly condemn someone for suggesting wearing a certain type of crystal that day or to only do odd numbered things that day to bring rain. nonsense they'd say. well freaking nonsense i say, i dont see the difference. if she wants to pray for rain on sunday then thats fine but what gives her the right (not constitutional right, that's be the 1st.) to publicly ASK EVERYONE to PRAY?? the fact that this is a "christian country" (at least as they see it) is what gives her the right. suggesting any non-christian type of prayer would be unforgivable to the masses. THATS why it pisses me off. while i dont believe in god, i do believe in freedom of religion, ALL religions. christianity holds a special place in religion in this country. it doesnt have to follow the rules that all the other religions have to follow, namely: yes you have freedom of religion, just dont go flaunting it or someone will come after you and make your life miserable. christians are allowed to scream it from the roof tops that their way is the only right way and everyone else is going to burn in hell. now while i support the RIGHT to be able to say that, i wish we didnt live in a society that ANYONE felt the need to actually say it. if people want religion they will go out of their way to find it, thats been proven time and time again for centuries. there is NO need to shove it down anyone's throat. people who were going to pray for rain already are praying for rain! why have the audacity to PUBLICLY ask for EVERYONE to pray. thats where it crosses the line. if she wants to ask on her private facebook page (im just assuming she has one) then thats fine but it shouldnt be directed as me as part of the general public.

some people want freedom OF religion,
i just want freedom FROM religion!

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Comment by Misty Dawn Sparkman on July 21, 2011 at 12:22pm
I think a rain dance would be more appropriate. Lol.



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