I'll bet that got your attention. It's just a random thought that occurred to me today. Sometimes I try to imagine how I want events to go well in advance, and I was thinking about the next divorce hearing. It occurred to me that the facts fall out as follows:

  • I filed for divorce in order to protect my children from my wife's newfound fundamentalism. 
  • My wife now has my house, my children, no job, and roughly half my salary.
  • I have an assload of debt, a tiny appartment, Ramen noodles and my children every other weekend.
  • Now my children have nobody to protect them from her.


In otherwords, every thing I feared might happen when I filed for divorce did. I'm sure she's got an interpretation of these events that I can's subscribe to, but if God wants to tell me something he can get his lazy ass down here and tell me in person sans ambiguity. Until that happens I'm blaming a skewed judicial system.

So I was thinking about testifying before the judge. Specifically the part where it comes up what my wife forbids my children. The fact that my son showed an interest in reading Harry Potter and I'm letting him. That he has to hide that from his mother, because she won't be angry at me if she finds out, she'll be angry at him. That I have to worry that she might find out that I'm letting my child read a children's book. And it occurred to me, this is a Christian Nation. The country is 80% Christian. The constitution forbids it, the founding fathers denied it, but this is not the same country it was in 1776. Now we have senators running the energy commission denying global climate change because God promised Noah that he would never destroy the Earth again. We have presidents and governors denying the right to marriage to homosexuals because Leviticus says homosexuality is bad. We all know how deep the insanity runs, I don't need to recount it all here. If any politician stood up to it, if any one of them said "This is crap. We cannot base the country's laws and policies on a religious book", they would be labeled Atheist (read evil baby eating demon possesed monster) and lose the very next election, or possibly even face impeachment.


When did this happen? When did it go so far wrong? As much as it's unconstitutional, we still need to face the fact that this is a Christian nation, and i'm not sure what can really be done. Show me a non-theist electoral candidate and I'll show you somebody that won't make it out of the primaries.


I'll be honest, France is looking pretty damn good these days.

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Comment by Dr. Cowboy on July 29, 2011 at 1:21am
@Eric I'm often reminded of Dr. Ray's "The God Virus", and I think the virus instinctively knows that Atheism is far more dangerous to it than a competing virus. The behavior of the religious sometimes only makes sense in context of a virus.  Your friend sounds wise, and he is absolutely right.
Comment by Dr. Cowboy on July 27, 2011 at 2:07am
It's a long complicated story (aren't they all?) but we weren't extremes on the religious meter when we married, this happened gradually over the last 11 years or so, but our first 6 years were not too bad. So to make the story short, I found myself with my children being homeschooled and being taught outright young earth creationism among some other things I just simply couldn't let go. And I found myself powerless to stop it without filing for divorce. My kids are in school now, so it's not a total loss, but given the situation it's pretty easy to paint me as a mysoginist that just got tired of wife #1 which doesn't help when it comes to deciding exactly who my paycheck goes to (hint, it's not the one with an actual job). I'm fairly confident that my children will eventually subscribe to reason, I was just really hoping that could happen while they're still kids. The opportunities they will lose from being raised fundamentalist are staggering.

Anyways, thanks all. I wasn't really looking for sympathy so much as just sharing a random thought that occurred to me and the context it occurred in. The religious right have slowly taken power over the last 30 years and we find ourselves in a very frightening predicament. Obama, for instance, has been accused of being both a muslim and an atheist. I'm not sure which one they consider worse. Since when does the president have to be christian? His religion (or lack thereof) should be a non-issue unless he brings it into his job (e.g. George W. Bush).  Then there's Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry, seriously folkes, we're in trouble.
Comment by James M. Martin on July 25, 2011 at 5:36pm
I am afraid cooler and more intelligent minds prevailed in the founding of our nation, but the 80% is not winning.  I take the church and state newsletter and many issues are jointly done by them and by the ACLU as well.  The Christers lose much more often than they win.  A good lawyer will find a way to make the atheism work for you rather than against you.  When the jury is picked, inquire as to their religious beliefs.  Eventually you will cull from the lot all but that 20% who are inclined to think atheism is just as good a belief as any and a lot less likely to misguide the unaware.



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