Pope Benedict XVI
The Vatican

Tuesday 17th November 2008

Dear Papa,

I know you’re a well known defender of traditional Catholic doctrine and values, but there is a problem within the third World countries such as the Christian nation I presently live in. The Philippines consists of hordes of faithful Catholic followers that live in poverty.

The problem seems to be looked at the wrong way by you and your present administration of dedicated cardinals in the Vatican and the local diocese. Its to do with family planning and the antiquated and some what useless method that the Catholic Church advises its flocks to use.

Since the Council of Chalcedon November 451 the Catholic Church has taken the blindness celibacy that it’s priest have no expertise or experience of marriage an the responsibility of children other than outsider’s.

The problem of poverty is increased by each child born into a Catholic family of who are already struggling with the need to find work or money to put food on the table. Most of these poor married people have not been able to afford good education as their own background has been of poverty too. They can not understand the church natural methods and make mistakes or husbands are too demanding. The increasing births and population gives honest proof to just that and the problem needs more than pray and guidance to solve sensibly. As I live in the Philippines within a Catholic society I have good knowledge of this problem.

Since 1844 modern man has had a good solution that relates to design first developed in 1,000 BC by the ancient Egyptians. Your Honor this product is called the Condom, an article that is attacked with such Venom from your priest and the Vatican.

Why your church does thinks the condom will increase immorality when already there are already thousands upon thousands of births out of wedlock that could have been culled sharply if condoms had the religious backing from the Vatican.

At present because of low morality with in your flocks HIV that leads to full scale AID’s is becoming rife, there is no logic to the Vatican’s thinking there is no backing that God would be against the use of something simple and sensible as a condom.

The spread of sexual related decease within your flock lies deeply on your old wise shoulders. If you have not learned how to look through the eyes of your all caring God its certainly time to do so now. It’s time to stop the suffering and help those that are completely innocent, the babies and the children that are made to suffer due to religious indifference.

I truthfully hope that your minds open to common sense and that your heart is softened to the true need of your flock.

Your’s sincerely

Robin Johnson-Perkins

(c) Robin Johnson-Perkins (Babel Fish) 2008 Public Domain

Footnote: As an atheist maybe I am bias to this problem but I really can not see a sensible reason for the Catholic command in chief to continuely hold fast to a set of rules that have nothing to do with any religious views or laws I can find within the Holy Bible? Its heart rendering to see all this poverty around me and see so many children with out any hope of getting out of poverty or even get a good education.

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Comment by Robin Johnson-Perkins - Babel Fish on November 26, 2008 at 5:59am
Thanks for your comments, getting such education when one lives in poverty or very poor the only help normally comes from foreign source's such as schoolar ships given by charity. Some of us foriegners that live here in the Philippines sponsor kids through school or university. Not being rich my input is to buy school books and a pay a certain amount school fees year when asked we are talking about 10 or so dollars a term. I have sent two people to university but one chap let me down and the other achieved a B.Sc. in computing. Many more have let me down by dropping out of high school. So now I am very choosy of whom I help.
Comment by Vina on November 26, 2008 at 5:25am
Sorry for flooding up, but I just saw a related advertisement of Trust pills on tv. It was a child who drew her family in stick figures. From time-to-time the characters keep increasing in her drawing (more siblings in the family). Then she asked, "Will I ever be a doctor someday?"

Comment by Vina on November 26, 2008 at 5:23am
yes, as to aids also.
Comment by Vina on November 26, 2008 at 5:22am
Even before I even thought of being agnostic or being a free-thinker, I always approved of the reproductive health bill. I asked my brother why the church is opposing to this. He merely answered me "because of some moral issues". I don't find any bias in your letter though. In a Filipino show "Rated K", they one tackled this issue. It was about a woman who lived in an abandoned building with eight children. When asked if she had any plans of ligation, she merely replied "No. The many, the happier." I was awestruck at the stupidity. Perhaps this is my opinion, but the suffering of all her children and their supposedly dark future could have many ways to be avoided. I am personally against abortion but this health bill was absolutely for the people. It's not even counted as killing, you can't kill something that doesn't exist. Still, the health bill doesn't impose the use of contraceptives and methods forcefully. The law was merely to inform people about it. It was up to the family either they use the method or not. Everyone has the right against ignorance. Poverty is already too widespread in our country. The opposition is pretty much absurd. I was very disappointed to think that they oppose this bill just because of the line in the bible that says "Go and Multiply."



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