Do men doctors actually understand patients who are not men?

Could it be men doctors (MDs) don't understand how
conditions of wellness or disease manifest in women
and children at all so they don't bother to interpret
salient data in these patients. Instead, ritual
proceedures make up the main stay of medical
care for women (ceasarian section operations,
masdectomys and hysterectomies) and children
(Thimerisol laden vaccines, ritalin , fluoride, silver
and mercury tooth fillings which expand and contract unlike
the enamel and dentin they fill and silver nitrate inoculations
for the eyeballs of new borns). More please, give me more...kind sir.

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Comment by Grace Fitzpatrick on August 9, 2011 at 7:09am

I can understand when people get to the point of being willing to try anything - especially with diseases like cancer.  However, there are many conditions such as diabetes where conventional medicine can prolong not only life, but quality of life very well.  I feel my aunt died because for years she refused to take her thyroid medication because she devoutly believed that seaweed and prayer would fix her dead thyroid. 

As far as c-sections are concerned, people are sue happy - especially if their baby doesn't turn out perfect.  It's amazing anyone still wants to be an OB doctor or nurse with as often as they get sued.  I think doctors perform more c-sections now than in the past because they don't want to get sued. 

Comment by Clarence Dember on August 9, 2011 at 5:39am
Hello Avicenna. Your assessment of what constitutes the spectrum of health care paradigm is biased towards alopathy. You are conflating a great number of things. with respect to where legitimate science is absent and where it is practiced.
Comment by Jeremy Raines on August 8, 2011 at 11:21pm
Do human veterinarians understand patients that aren't human?

Scary stuff, man.
Comment by Grace Fitzpatrick on August 8, 2011 at 8:12pm
Some of  the best doctors I've ever had are men (and having MS I get to see loads of them).  The hands down worst was a woman.  I could care less about the gender of my doctor as long as he or she knows their job.
Comment by Avicenna on August 8, 2011 at 7:28pm

Clarence Dember...

There is only ONE kind of healthcare, the other kind is called "quackery". There is "medicine" and there is "quacks".

Paradigm? There is just one. There is the one that is rigorously tested with large amounts of science going into testing out our theories and the drugs and procedures involved...

And then there is all the insane quackery such as anti-vac, naturopathy, homoeopathy, energy and what not. It's not covered by health insurance because what they promote isn't health.


Do you want to know the funny thing? The real medicine is cheaper than the fake ones.

For example, in one type of diabetes you have low insulin production due to the destruction of the cells. In medicine we give you the hormone insulin which you have to inject yourself while monitoring your blood sugar. 


In "alternative health paradigms" you somehow take something that magically reverses cell damage of JUST Beta Islet cells in your pancreas or is some sort of weird digestion of products to insulin (which makes no sense). There is no proof of mechanism, there is just "this drug works". 

The thing is simple. You take the first you live decades longer and are more likely to die of something else than diabetes. You take the second and I guarantee you that you are quite likely to lose your legs to diabetic gangrene or perish of hyperglycaemic induced nephritis or one of many other conditions that come about from not treating high glucose levels.


It is the only acceptable strategy towards wellness and longevity. The other method doesn't work. It shows only concrete effects in areas with real medicine and often because the prescriptions of alt. medicine doctors carries "real medicine" which does the heavy lifting while the others simply empty your wallet. 

Comment by Clarence Dember on August 8, 2011 at 3:22pm
My personal experience is that radiation, surgery and drugs are one medical paradigms worth of health care options and that while they are covered by health insurance in the appropriate context recognized by the practitioners of this kind of health care they are by no means the only effective strategy toward Wellness and longevity.
Comment by Avicenna on August 8, 2011 at 9:41am

er... What? You do know that 25% of medical education is WOMEN ONLY medicine. I have 4 ward rotations a year. 3 months of surgery, medicine, a mixed rotation of opthal/ENT/Paediatrics/Preventative medicine and Ob/Gyn. No men in an ob/gyn ward, there is no andrology to match it. Literally men's health is tossed into other fields and spread around. It's why drives such as anti prostate and anti testicular cancer were not as successful. It is also why no one is campaigning for the male HPV vaccine because there is no cohesive force for them in medicine. 


Put it this way, the biggest disease that kills young men between 20 to 35 is testicular cancer and there is literally nothing being mentioned. When is the last time anyone campaigned for a "check your balls campaign"?


1. Caesarian Section is done to mainly to women who are small or skinny and don't have wide hips. It has become popularised in the west because it is less traumatic on the mother than a live birth and because our women tend to be thinner and more career orientated and so care about how they look. 


2. Mastectomies are vital in saving women's lives. It's not even up for grabs. ( - This explains cancer extremely well. Mastectomies are the removal of the actual physical tumour in the hope that it will reduce the chance of metastasis. Metastasis is "not a joke, it is for keepsies". It's not a ritual, its based on hard medicine.


3. Hysterectomies are agains removal of tumours. Hard medicine at it's finest since you can live without a uterus. You cannot live with uterine cancer. We actually invented that HPV vaccine to reduce Cervical cancer. Any surface where the cells replicate a lot is prone to cancer. The monsterous blood supply of the uterus makes it prone to easy metastasis. 


4. Thiomersal vaccines are just scaremongering. There is absolutely no proof of effect and in any case you get more mercury in eating vegetables for a week than from a single dose of vaccine. Lest you forget, your food grows in the ground where metals leach into it. The thiomersal vaccine scare is perpetrated by absolute luddites who use it to scare people into not taking vaccines which has lead to actual deaths.


5. Ritalin is used to deal with hyperactive children. You don't know what it's like being the parent of one. Most people who bitch about Ritalin are people whose kids don't need it. 

6. Fluoride is regarded as one of the greatest medical advances in public medicine due to the sheer amount of improvement in oral hygiene. While we don't really need to put it in our water (due to our toothpastes all being fluoridated...) we still do. It's not going to be a problem unless you swallow toothpaste.


7. Silver/Mercury tooth fillings don't work the way you think they do. They also aren't used anymore.


8. Silver Nitrate is there to stop newborn conjunctivitis which BLINDS children in 3rd world countries. It is one of the biggest causes of blindness worldwide.

We do understand our patients. A lot more than people think. The problem is people don't understand why we "don't care about our patients". How many patients do you think I have seen today as a medical student. 10. As a doctor I would have seen 30 in the 4 hours of clinic that I have. I don't care about them beyond getting them treated due to simple mathematics. At the end of the week I will know 50 more people. At the end of the month 200. At the end of the year around 2000... It becomes awfully hard to get panicked over one person's feelings when you have another 9 more to see. It's even more so when you have to deal with 30 to 60 patients per day. I know doctors who deal with upto a 100 a day. 

A lot of the problem with the public perception of medicine is this. Real doctors are heavily restricted in what they can and ca


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