Do men doctors actually understand patients who are not men?

Could it be men doctors (MDs) don't understand how
conditions of wellness or disease manifest in women
and children at all so they don't bother to interpret
salient data in these patients. Instead, ritual
proceedures make up the main stay of medical
care for women (ceasarian section operations,
masdectomys and hysterectomies) and children
(Thimerisol laden vaccines, ritalin , fluoride, silver
and mercury tooth fillings which expand and contract unlike
the enamel and dentin they fill and silver nitrate inoculations
for the eyeballs of new borns). More please, give me more...kind sir.

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Comment by Clarence Dember on August 13, 2011 at 3:53pm
Hi Prog. Rock Girl,
I have memory of the day I was born, My point is the physician who dimmed my view that day assumed my part in the matter at that moment was inconsequential, He seemed to have done that inoculation many times before. He brought me from the nurtured space my mother had generously and graciously provided into that confused powerless bewilderment panic and laps into unconsciousness from the sensory overload which followed my ocular cleansing ritual. So, the moment of my birth has remained with me. It did not include sight of my mother. He knocked me out.
Comment by Prog Rock Girl on August 13, 2011 at 7:56am

Avicenna: I know you mentioned this a long time ago, but my understanding of Marinol and other marijuana-substitute drugs is that it actually was more hallucinogenic and less medically helpful than marijuana? I could be wrong about that of course...


Clarence: you mentioned getting eye drops and blacking out when you were born. Do you have a memory of the day you were born?


As someone who has hypothyroid I have to take medicine the rest of my life too. Even if I'm uninsured, it's only $10 for three months and I have no side effects. I know some well-intentioned people who are entirely anti-pill. I challenge them to find me a plant that contains thyroxine and can be consistently measured to give me the right dosage.

Comment by Clarence Dember on August 13, 2011 at 4:25am
Avicenna, I mentioned your conflation of Homeopathy ( something that caused malaise given in infinitesimal amounts having the opposite effect) and Naturopathy (the study and practice of improving metabolic uptake of nutrients and the effective elimination of waste from the cells organs and the body at large.)
My knowledge of these things is from reading and applying Naturopathic and not Homeopathic theory or ideas at all. I don't ascribe validity to homeopathy. But as I say this I warn you that I am not what you have been painting me to be. I will not tolerate this ignorant conflation of Homeopathy with Naturopathy which you keep doing.
Comment by Clarence Dember on August 12, 2011 at 3:38pm
To Avicenna: Quack. and quackery are the invention of radiation, surgery and
drug practitioners. Quacks are what they condecendingly label those who help
people but do It through means other than the 3
holy waters of alopathy; which are surgery drugs and radiation. To the fascist medico zealot M.D, all other
credentials which help others yet lack the M.D. credential are Quacks, the carpenter, the
stone Mason, the civil engineer, the tin knocker, the shoe cobbler the chef, the
plumber, the roofer, the food merchant, the aviator, the truck driver, the school bus driver, all other aspects of humanity are seen as a Quacks by those chief among quackers, your cohort the
fascist medico zealots.
Comment by Clarence Dember on August 12, 2011 at 7:57am
Only savages attempt to deface the rational blogs of others with dogmatic screed. It makes them appear more formidable than the pipsqueaks they have become.
Comment by Grace Fitzpatrick on August 11, 2011 at 8:07pm
There's always some new treatment out there that is supposed to cure MS.  I have even heard of doing chemo therapy and bone marrow transplants.  I've had this disease for a long time, before I get excited, I want to see a lot of people get better and lots of trials. Actually, I have pinned my star on stem cell research for a lot of diseases, not just MS.  I'm really hoping this research will be continued and funding won't be cut off.
Comment by Clarence Dember on August 11, 2011 at 4:25pm
To Grace.
Well, there's also the screening process which comes with any anticipated treatment. Who's a candidate and who is likely to receive no benifit from the proceedure(s). When I got my vision corrected with RK and then Laser I went through screening for it to determine candidacy. I am sure the trials have moved along. since this new hypothisis of M.S. origins and treatment strategy.
Comment by Grace Fitzpatrick on August 11, 2011 at 10:49am

I have a little problem with nearly dying under anesthetics.  Before I get any kind of surgery, I want to be 1000% sure it's going to work 100%.  Because I have the very strong chance of dying from the anesthetics.  I may die from MS years from now, but I could definitely die tomorrow if I were put under.


I believe his name is Dr Graham from the UK who is doing a lot of research on MS and Gulf War illness in British Gulf War vets.  He has had some success at treating these conditions with non invasive procedures.  I have been following his work for awhile now.  MS is most common in Scotland, so the UK is a good place to watch for developments in MS research since they do a lot of it.  

Comment by Clarence Dember on August 11, 2011 at 10:38am
I have 6 sisters, all married with multiple children, and many are now adults. I think babies are the most demanding clients. But I chose not to have any because essentially I would be locked up for what I'd do if someone abused power on an infant I contributed bringing into being. I would be way too wrapped up in that watchful mode. I have chosen other battles with no regrets. I sleep in the day so; over and out.
Comment by Clarence Dember on August 11, 2011 at 10:28am
To Grace. According to the medical doctors testing the proceedure, what damage is done may be rerouted or in terms of motorcortex it may be irreparable damage. Depends on the acute nature of M.S. inthe poorly working blood circulatory system of an individual's brain. Some brains are damaged beyond repair, some can improve. Further degredation of brain tissue and function (from the effects of blocked or badly formed or absent blood circulation) can be mitigated by the surgical proceedure if the "proof" can be attained by others.
Dr.Zamboni in Italy has reversed the course of M.S. in his wife and some others before he was commanded to STOP while science duplicates the achievements he and his team of vascular surgeons have realized in their M.S. patients. If I had M.S. it would hold out a hope for a end to further deterioration from M.S. with possible reversal for some not yet in full neuropathy.



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