Why is it that Horror, and Serial Killer based Novels, along with these types of Films are considered entertainment? What is it that drives us to such inhuman ways to peak interest? Why don't I feel the same way as most of society? I see advertisements for these types of movies, or books, and I cringe. Isn't the reality of these types of situations enough to make us want to do something other than make a huge profit from them? I guess not? I have been watching films like the new Transformers, and Green Lantern, and noticing that the way buildings are being destroyed in these movies is now much different than it was pre 9-11-2001. Now its like watching the towers fall over, and over again. Is this a good way to remember that horrifying day, by basically reenacting it in Sci-Fi films for profit gain? I believe that the movie makers, and writers just want to make what society wants to see, and read. That is what makes the money! Give them what they want! So why is this, what we want? Isn't this type of thinking only quenched by it's need to get a little worse each time to keep peoples interest? Is it a flaw in our consciousness? Is placing these horrible ways of thinking into children's minds a good way of teaching morality? Since I can remember, the most tragic, and horrifying images painted in my mind were the ones done so at church services. Looking down at the floor, and imagining Hell! Just the fact of how Jesus was nailed to the cross and put up for display is something so inhuman to me, why would anyone wear it around their neck? Is this the only sufficient way of making you remember his suffering? That is like the Jewish people wearing a swastika in remembrance of the Holocaust. What a horrible way of thinking right? THE BIBLE! Is this where it all begins? Our thirst for pain, and suffering? The Bible is the most horrifying book ever written. Why do we think it is anything more than just a horrible book? Where does the ignorance begin? It is my belief that a child's mind is so very open to any, and all information it is fed; that once it's filled with religious junk thought, it gets buried deep. Then the fear of God is set. Why is it a fear, and not a love? Well he is a scary mother fucker! Anyone who finds a love in this character has truly got strange views on love. I noticed a huge amount of love for god when I was in Prison on a non-violent drug related charge, back when I thought there was something wrong with me for not having the same views as most of the rest of America on religion, and humanity. So I turned to drugs to fix my way of thinking, and fit in. I now know how ignorant that way of thinking was. While in Prison, god was everywhere, a prayer was shouted out across the tier every night before bed mandatory. These criminals loved god in all his jealous, vengeful ways, and weren't afraid of beating, or killing anyone who thought differently! Lucky for me they confused my Atheist books with Anarchist ones. They would say things like Anarchy Punk Rock Dude! I never let any of them know there was a difference. I didn't want to be killed in prison. This is another way of seeing how dangerous religion is! The way to justify a crime seems to be, the devil made me do it! Now god will forgive me! Making me pure, and innocent of any wrong doing. Can you see how to use this to your advantage? Religion gives us an excuse for any wrong doing and then offers forgiveness! It's not your fault you like to do bad things, god understands. Why he has done the most bad things ever imagined! So of course your forgiven. When in Rome! This reminds me of a quote from Einstein: We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

I am just a average guy who spent a lot of time writing this average blog on my thoughts of how all humanity has suffered long enough with it's blood thirsty forced beliefs, hammered into to them at their most vulnerable beginnings of life. I'm sure most will not read this, and many who do will not agree with my beliefs, but it does feel good to let them be known to all who care to know. I don't even have to threaten death, or an eternity in a fiery hell to anyone who doesn't agree. I believe my true good intentions with my beliefs will stand on there own, without the horrible threats of questioning them! 

Thank you all for your time,


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Comment by Chris Cook on August 13, 2011 at 9:02pm

Thank you Steph! it means so much to me that you read it, and wrote a comment back to me! Especially the fact that you agree with it! Thank you again!




Comment by Chris Cook on August 13, 2011 at 3:26pm
Thank you for your insight Cliff. I appreciate you taking the time to read it, and love your comparison! Let us hope the rest of world will soon understand the nonsense of their beliefs. I always felt this way, but it wasn't until the age of the internet that I knew I was not so alone.  no longer to be a forced product of my environment to be accepted.

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