Today in my morning paper was a story about a twenty something Canadian born Muslim and his female cousin who co-authored and self published a novel. It is about Muslim characters and apparently contains some slightly racy illustrations and the cover bears a very sexy (but not in the least obscene) image of the female cousin. The article said that the book was somewhat critical of Islam. The news story was actually about the beating of the male by two (so far unidentified) Muslim men who made it clear that they objected to the book's content. In fact the most offensive illustrations were already deleted as the result of criticism by Muslims. This is the first such incident of which I'm aware in this part of Canada and I'm very unhappy that such a thing could happen on our soil.

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Comment by John McElwain on August 27, 2011 at 7:12pm
@Christian Free Thinker: I think you may be right. If there's any hope at all it lies with Muslims who are born into free societies, educated in secular schools, and who learn to value the intellectual freedoms that our fathers fought to defend. Just the same, I'm very afraid that our liberal attitudes concerning multi-culturalism are going to be our undoing. The adherents of Islam don't seem to recognize any separation of culture and superstition. They seem to regard the two as one and the same. Secular public policy is foreign to their belief system. Look at Turkey, where they're still duking it out over the issue of secular vs clerical government.



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