Ba Humbug!!! Tis the most sorrowful time of year!!!!

I am not amused with the holiday season. It is just a corporate feeding frenzy to get extra dollars from gullible individuals. The Sheeple believe that Santa and the Christmas tree and gift giving are all related to their mythical hero Jesus. So every year there are these silly rituals that seems to begin earlier and earlier in the year. I saw Christmas decorations in July. The ironic part that makes me sick is the notion of peace on earth, yet a working man was trampled upon to death in a Walmart in NY because sick individuals needed to get a head start on their Christmas shopping. So there is a family in mourning now, and it is related to a contrived, deceptive holiday. No to the lies of this season!!! Have a wonderful Winter Solstice!! The Winter Solstice is the real reason for the season.

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Comment by THE GRENADIAN FREETHINKER on December 8, 2008 at 8:49am
Sad, I know most of these shoppers were religious fanatics. By the way, why didn't they just write a letter, asking for what they want, to the fat overweight guy that comes down these small ass chimneys? Then sit by the fire place, for the rest of their lives, in wait, I bet you sad things like that will never happned again.
Comment by Deborah Mitchell on December 7, 2008 at 10:36pm
I like that: "corporate feeding frenzy." Amen.
Comment by River Otter on December 7, 2008 at 9:31pm
Indeed. Shopping sucks and shoppers in my opinion, are the worst especially this time of year. Most shoppers are materialistic and narrow minded. I avoid them whenever possible.



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