We have a world of followers and very few leaders.  Most of the leaders we have, or we have elected into office, are not true leaders, but trained executives or religious fanatics that live on the vision, labeling, and vested interested in non-decision making.  America started off as an enlightened nation, with a separation of church and state.  George Washington and the founders of this country would be turning over in their graves if they realized that we are now a Christian nation, and that our President took us to war after consenting with Jesus.  Too many of us are brainwashed and surrounded by rules created by others, by society, parents, and government.  The underlying problem of all is that the belief systems these groups entail come from religion.  Animals live instinctively, and somehow peacefully coexist.  We are the thinkers, we don’t react; we think first, and then come out with a game plan, which normally ends up in a win-lose situation and not a peaceful coexistence.  We have to go back to our instincts of love and understanding, to rediscover unity and harmony.  Its important to unite under the one thing we know is true, and that’s ourselves.  If we shared more with one another, we might be alone, but we’d never be lonely.  If we did not have an ulterior motive in our sharing, but we’re open to everything it delivers, we ‘d be paving the way to freedom for one another.  If we rid ourselves of preconceived notions, and enjoy the journey, we’d make a lot of friends and share a common goal.  Uniting now is more important than ever.  The world needs a new direction delivered by a worldwide group of leaders who share the common goal of enjoying life, preserving individual freedom as the individual defines it, and ridding ourselves from the shackles forced upon us as children from a society driven by religious believe, prejudice, hatred, and greed.  Look forward to your thoughts. [

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Comment by Cane Kostovski on September 27, 2011 at 11:58pm
I have been calling all atheists to unite for Education reform. Start reading my previous posts that I put up everywhere I like to go on Atheist Nexus. If we do not unite for our children's sake, what will we ever unite for?

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