Hello fellow free thinkers, I was recently at a local muncipal government health clinic. There on a stand with information purtaining to the clinic, and it's services was a stack of issues from a local, "community monthly publication". The title is: "Changing Times", and evident by the cross accompaning the title, and the content within; this is a christian publication! This clinic is run by the local municipality, which in turn is part of the state's department of health & hospitals, and which by default-no doubt, receive federal money. Can you say- seperation of church & state!! So where do I start complaint with: the local government, state, ACLU, the Feds?

  Give me some imput/ideas. I say- remember we must be vigiliant of the christian right-wing in this country, always trying to spread their bullshit wherever they can.


                                                                                            Giuseppe D'Avanzo


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Comment by Nick on October 2, 2011 at 9:44am
I think its just as bad as the christian left-wing,I think as a individual you have no chance as they will say the majority of tax payers are christian..

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