Ok here's the deal, Yes I called St. Vincent De Paul for financial help, because we have had troubles with paying a few bills, and they came by to help us, like they always do, and I am thankful for that. Don't get me wrong. They gave us a list of places to try to get more help.


Now the one thing I dislike every time we ask for help there is, "are you affiliated with any church?" and in order to not offend and to receive the  help we just go no. then they give us a list of churches in the area. and then they ask "are your kids baptized?" and we say no because we feel religion is a choice, and if they want to get baptized then they can when they are adults. "well you are the adults you get to make that choice. they won't know about religion unless you show it to them." yes i know this, and my daughter did go to church. (I allow my kids to chose what they want to do for the most part. Like if they want to watch a horror film with me, then they watch all but the really gory and they are NOT allowed to watch they sex scenes, i am not ready for the mommy what are they doing and why talk yet)


if they want to play outside instead of inside on the boobtube video games, awesome they play outside but they have to ask if they can go here or go there so I know where they are. Not unreasonable.


And when it comes down to religion, I let them know the good and the bad. Which everything does have a good side and a bad side. 


But just because you are helping me with money because its "the christian thing to do" does not mean you can tell me whats good and whats bad, how to parent, and why I should take my family to church.


If it's the christian thing to do, you don't have to announce it, hell I do nice things for people because random acts of kindness and paying it forward are 2 things I am learning how to do just because I want to, not because its "the katrina thing to do" thats ridiculous.

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Comment by Katrina Kristiansen on October 4, 2011 at 9:19pm

That does make sense to me. To me paying it forward or helping someone out when they really need it or just need a little bit does not require a person to say its their duty or job or god told them too.


I have done good deeds with out expectations, my friends have done things for me and not expected anything in return. I still owe one of them more than I can ever repay for helping get around town when my van got repossessed. And when she asked for help (after talking to her about this months and months ago) I should not have asked for money for gas to help her husband. it was selfish.


but i did not say i am pagan and its the pagan thing to do(at the time i was pagan/wiccan) i did not parade around telling people what to do, why to do it, when to do it, how to do it.


i feel thats the reason for religion is to control every aspect of a person's life. yet the religious fail to see this. they think its not rude to shove religion into people's faces

Comment by Tara Benson on October 4, 2011 at 6:53pm

If it's the christian thing to do, you don't have to announce it...


But they do.   Most Christians pair proselytizing with their charity.  Pushing their religion on you is part and parcel of their good deeds.  In fact, to them it is one of the good deeds because they're "saving" you and also bettering their own status with God.  


As for me, I don't consider it charity if there are strings attached.   That's why so many religious "charities" really aren't charities at all.   They give, but they also make demands in return. 


Comment by Katrina Kristiansen on October 4, 2011 at 5:47pm
I know its my right, but when seeking help i felt it was rude of them to shove it down my throat, and then if i would have told them my true feelings i think we would not have gotten the fiancial help we needed.
Comment by AgeOfAtheists14 on October 4, 2011 at 3:08pm
it's your right to spit it back



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