I was talking about free speech with a friend of mine, my friend was pissed because ESPN banned Hank Williams Jr for comparing Obama to Hitler on Fox and Friends. He said we have free speech. To which I responded yes we have free speech but, that doesnt mean speaking your mind doesnt have consequences. Then he told me I was right so if something in my life went wrong I shouldn't"cry out to god" because he wont help me....

My first thought was why would I cry out to something I dont believe in...But the comment took me offgaurd because that wasnt the topic at hand but I guess I should express my free speech because the wrath of god will be upon me.



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Comment by Hillary M Bridges on October 4, 2011 at 10:15am

eric exactly and I do post news about atheism, religion, and gay marriage......but It felt like he had a problem with my freedom of speech while he expressed his...ya cant enjoy freedom of speech and resrict others




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