Ket's Weekly(ish) Anime Recommendation!™ (Ergo Proxy)

Since the Fall 2011 anime season is just kicking off, it's a bit hard to make a recommendation from what I'm watching currently. So, we'll take a look back at some older series.

This week, I'd like to recommend Ergo Proxy to those of you who have yet to see it. Unfortunately it seems like it's been pulled from Hulu, but this -is- the internet and I'm sure you're all familiar with how Google works by now. If not,

A dystopian series where the shattered remains of the world butt up against the fabricated utopian ideal within the domed city of Romdeau. Ergo Proxy centers around Re-l Mayer, an inspector who is charged with investigating a series of bloody killings,. It seems that AutoReivs (what the series calls androids) are being infected with a virus, called Cogito. Without giving away spoilers, the answer to your unasked question is "yes". Cogito leads to instability in an infected AutoReiv, and if unchecked, Cogito poses a great threat to society.

Re-l's investigation provides no easy answers, only more questions. In the search for what is real she follows Vincent Law, who, until he finds himself entangled in the strangeness unraveling within the city, is an otherwise unremarkable immigrant, outside the dome.

This anime hits a lot of my personal preferences. Post apocalyptic? Check. Dystopia? Check. Cerebral? Check. Philosophical? Check.

The artwork is breathtaking, combining traditional animation with some amazingly slick CG work.

Will you like it? If you liked Serial Experiments Lain, No. 6, Ghost in the Shell, and other similar series, the answer is yes.

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Comment by Kyu on October 16, 2011 at 2:37pm
Very welcome.  It really is a great anime, very worth the time to seek out.  Trying to do my part to keep the anime community turned on to new things :)



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