God's plan, preventable deaths, and other musings

My parents are pretty confusing when it comes to their religious beliefs. Neither of them are hardcore or anything, and I think they simply believe because they never really (seriously) considered anything else. My mom usually speaks about God (when she does) in a general way, while I think my dad would be a tiny bit more "Christian-y" about it. My father can easily poke fun at Christianity and bring up silly questions (such as whether or not Jesus knew about pizza at the time he was alive, and why didn't he share), but he still has a belief in it despite noticing how strange some of it really sounds. It's strange to me because as far as "spiritual" things go, my parents seem both open- and close-minded. I've forgotten why I was talking about this, so on to the next point.


God's plan - probably one of the concepts that annoys me most. Seriously. I realize what it does, though, which is explain happenings that we don't understand (death, etc.) and to comfort and encourage people. I don't find it comforting at all, in fact I think it is quite silly, but anyway... Sometimes my mom talks about God "taking people" ... I really would like to say "if you think so" and tell her I don't think that's what happens, but I don't really want any sort of conflict. Now...even though she talks about this sometimes, she did not mention it at all when her old friend died in an accident the other day. Instead, she told me that her friend probably would've lived if she had been wearing her seatbelt. I began to wonder...what do people who believe in God's plan (truly - not just like my mom, but seriously believe in it for all things) make of preventable deaths? The death of my mom's friend was preventable, but the precautions were not taken in order to prevent it. People who die because their family believes in "faith healing" ... their deaths could be prevented if, you know, everyone quit praying and actually took the guy to a doctor! It really...makes no sense o_0 Is it God's plan if you could've prevented it but failed to do so? Would it have still been God's plan if you DIDN'T die? I don't even know. I do not know how to get around the God's plan argument.


Finally, I keep wondering how seas splitting, people rising from the dead, talking snakes, and a fruit that makes you know stuff does not sound like a fantasy novel. What makes it worse is that people will fight about it, and even insist that theirs is the true story, not Zeus giving forehead-birth or Muhammad riding a white horse to heaven or Anubis weighing your heart after death...all that other stuff is make-believe. I find it ridiculous that people pitch fits over this. In my opinion, it's not the truth of whatever stories that matters, it you being an actual nice person. Your actions will speak louder than your mythology of choice any day.

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Comment by Teagraves on November 2, 2011 at 10:48pm
I think the whole God's plan thing annoys me for that very reason, the fact that you just can't argue around it because people can stick it in any situation ever :c
Comment by Teagraves on November 1, 2011 at 4:51pm
Yeah, seriously!



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