My wife and I were privileged enough to be able to see the world premier of Hamlet in the Original Pronunciation (since Shakespeare's time) this past weekend.  There were some odd cuts in the script, and the original brogue took a little getting used to, but over all it was an excellent production beautifully acted and directed.


Why am I posting this on an Atheist blog?  Because of one particularly amusing bit of directing.  In the scene where Hamlet is reading a book and Polonius asks him what he's reading "I mean, what is the matter that you read, my lord?"  and Hamlet responds "Slanders, sir!"  

In this production, upon the word "Slanders" Hamlet slams shut... none other than a copy of the 'Holy Bible'!


Oddly, my wife and I were the only two in the theatre that laughed... but we laughed well and long at that bit.  I thought I might share it with an audience that might enjoy it as much as we did, even if you didn't get to see the rest of the outstanding performance. 



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Comment by John Camilli on November 15, 2011 at 5:04pm

That's good stuff. I'll have to go see it.



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