So i just recently got finished reading Fight Club. Great book!! What inspired me was the Tyler Durden myspace page. Which is now no longer there. Ask me if that totally pissed me off. Huh Yes!!So a few people who don't believe in god come together and want to share a few opinions. Isn't this America Huh! FREEDOM OF SPEECH. A friend of mine who is an all out Atheist Activist told me about this site. Please give me anything. I need debates, arguements, opinions. Somebody who is not afraid of a little truth. Soooo back to the book. It references to ZEN Buddhism. Which is people trying to figure out the meaning of life. Sounds pretty familiar hey? "The belief of no faith began it's existance with buddhism, the father of 'Zen'. A little informative reading never hurt anybody. Now I'm looking forward to watching the movie. Check it out. Let's see what kind of response we get..........................................................................

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Comment by melissa long on January 5, 2009 at 4:52pm
well i finally watched the movie fight club and just as i expected it was just as good as the book. hate to say it but the movie was a little bit better. My new reading addiction is The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster by bobby henderson. has anybody read the book? let me know i would love to hear some opionions.

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