Feeling bummed and needing to vent.

     I usually ignore the 'war on christmas' as an extremely closeted atheist. Surely, this isn't the first time I've had it shoved in my face so blatantly. Maybe I'm just more aware, or just tired of it. 

     I was at school working on a christmas door decoration contest. I have no problem calling this time of year christmas. I don't really care if someone says 'merry christmas' instead of 'happy holidays' if their intentions are to communicate a friendly greeting. However, one of my team members said, in a very confrontational way, that we would be putting the phrase merry christmas at the top of our poster and not happy holidays. Anyone that doesn't believe in christ shouldn't even celebrate christmas and the other team members vociferously agreed. Another chimed in that her children bake jesus a birthday cake every Dec. 25.

     The anger and indignation just broke my heart. I don't really enjoy the entire spectrum of fall holidays from oct-dec anyway. But I like the pretty lights, and good food, and cheer I see others enjoying. Despite all my family has done to make christmas a really depressing time of family drama, I'm still got a small spark of indoctrinated "Christmas spirit" and this just... it felt like kicking a puppy. I don't feel that I have the right to defend my beliefs and not lose my place in this program. I worked really hard to get one of the 50 slots they allow every year, and I can't jeopardize it. I was only brave enough to comment that winter holidays were celebrated long before the birth of christ and they all just said they didn't want to get into that argument. I let it go.

     Anyway, I just really wanted to cry. It's finals this week and I'm stressed, and sick, and sleep deprived and needed to rant. Fuck religion, and fuck their privilege.

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Comment by Alice on December 3, 2011 at 6:45pm

I really couldn't care a crap about the implications of an atheist family celebrating christ mass....  perhaps I'm not deep enough - or committed enough.....  it's superficial to me - I enjoy the superficial celebration - the food the presents etc - we're not even in winter for crips sake!  It's the summer solstice over here....  southern hemisphere...

Comment by Chizu_Sando on December 3, 2011 at 6:09pm

Thanks Steven! You seemed to really hit the nail on the head about what exactly I was feeling. :) It does feel very like being in a cage, being poked with sticks and getting asked why you are bitching about it later. And people wonder why some of us are so bitter about the holidays.

Comment by Alice on December 2, 2011 at 11:12pm

many of the Christmas traditions are modern, some are pre christian - from pagan roots....  it is what you make it...  I think that Jesus was born in September.....  the Romans used the old pagan winter solstice.

I treat it as a family time to have a tree, eat chocolate, have a nice meal together and exchange gifts.....  we sing songs and talk about the many histories, myths and stories connected to christmas.

Comment by Chizu_Sando on December 2, 2011 at 4:59pm

Thanks for all the supportive comments! :)

As i said before, I'm closeted. Here in South Texas and don't wish to have my unbelief cause trouble with my professors and peers, due to our close working conditions. I'd also be afraid it would cost me job opportunities when I get my AAS.  So for the moment I just say nothing. One day (hopefully), I'll have the courage to tell people who are not complete strangers my feelings.

Comment by Daniel young on December 2, 2011 at 2:17am

I can deal with most of it, after all it only means something if I let it.

I could argue my point, but whats the point of that. I get to see my family so seldom that invoking an argument, or falling into the trap and commenting on some really irrational thoughts only promotes an argument. I wont be able to change anyones mind, at least not in the very short period of time I have with my family, so I just let it all slide with no words on my part.

This is the stance I take with my family at ChristMyth, normally I question all irrational remarks.

But I have come to realize that direct confrontation is a bad way to approach the problem.

I now ask more questions than try to assert my ideas, and through my questions I sometimes am able to corner them, so they themselves come up with the thought that what there saying doesn't make sense. Reading conversations between Socrates and plato really helped me organize the structure of the questions I ask in order to reveal the irrationality. Unfortunately questions alone can be viewed as an attack and they become defensive very quickly, I think this is because that they are taught not to question and therefor have no answers. But thats just a personal conclusion and is probably more complicated than that. 

We live in hard situation, and I wish you luck.

Like you say, its not worth getting all stressed up and sleep deprived over ;-)

Comment by Jonathan Christie on December 1, 2011 at 6:58am

I would have dropped it all and said enjoy your lie...:) but that's just me.

what helps me allot with this kinda stuff is I don't let anyone affect my moods, I decide whether I feel good or bad about any comments I get, and mostly laugh at them cause the comments are really... REALLY dumb.

It is worse though in your situation, being accepted into a group is a primary objective being human and all and being ostracized for not joining the mainstream is really unfair, but you just gota ask yourself, are these low-lives really worth getting stressed, sick and sleep deprived over?


peace out and kick a$$ ;)

Comment by Daniel young on December 1, 2011 at 3:55am

I feel your pain cousin, in the stead of MarryChristmas I say MarryChristMyth.

But I to enjoy the time of year, It's the only time our entire family manages to get together.

The smell of the tree, the ChristMyth decorations, the wonderful food, enjoying time with my loved ones.... Thats whats it all about.



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