Someone Tell Stephen Hawking That Magical Creation Is Impossible, That Nothingness Cannot Have A Characteristic, And That It Is Not Science That Tells Us With Certainty There Is No God

Stephen Hawking is great and happens to be correct about there not being a god, as we all know (or think we might, for all you 99%ers), and he is an excellent example of why physicists need to be reminded that they have necessary epistemological foundations to their knowledge and the ability to obtain it. We do not live in one universe of many. There is one universe. It consists of distinct and possibly overlapping expansions. This expansion should be called a sub-verse or mini-verse or something of the like and the universe should not be replaced with a term like multiverse. There is only one everything. There is one objective universe, it is eternal. There is nothing outside of it or before it or after it. There is only what is. Everything that is not, is not. There is no place outside of everything. This is the one universe and we are also within one of the many possible and possibly existent sub-verses or unique expansions. It really is a simple distinction. For some law of the universe to have an affect on nothingness, there must be something to begin with. Nothingness cannot have a characteristic. So a local expansion may appear to come out of nothing from our perspective, due to some underlying nature of existence. But it is not from an underlying characteristic of nothingness. It cannot come from nowhere. The energy must come from somewhere. Somewhere else in the universe, outside our, not yet existent, expansion. Something from nothing equals magic and it is not possible. 0+0=0 and it always will. An infinite state of actual nothingness (oxymoron), would be eternal. Unless, that is, it has characteristics, but then it would not be a state of nothingness. It would be something, with identity. A state of infinite nothingness is irrational and impossible.

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Comment by Frankie Dapper on December 15, 2011 at 9:16pm

The Mark Twain sarcasm award on AN goes to JOHN D.


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