Hitchens death will be used by adhernts to convert more followers.

Let me begin by saying these fools speak as if they have some sort of special knowledge. The only thing they possess is being alive after Christopher Hitchens died. I find their bold faced arrogance immoral and distasteful.

These quotes are from The Christian Post.  http://www.christianpost.com/news/christians-grieve-death-of-christ...

Pastor Rick Warren, founder of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., tweeted, “My friend Christopher Hitchens has died. I loved & prayed for him constantly & grieve his loss. He knows the Truth now.”

Clearly Rick Warren Knows nothing of the “Truth” as he peddles nothing but a religion of false hope and bigotry to fleece the flock out of their hard earn cash so he can maintain a narcissistic view of himself and life. Though Rick Warren claims that there is not payment from Saddleback Church, for his services, his book sales total millions and he receives a large pay check from his personal appearance in concert type venues.

As to Rick Warren Praying for Christopher Hitchens, I am sure he never prayed that he [Rick Warren] would come to understand why Hitchens felt the way he did. If he ever did at all, which I truly doubt.


“President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Albert Mohler, an influential leader among evangelicals, also tweeted multiple posts in response to Hitchens’ passing.

He said Hitchens' death "is an excruciating reminder of the consequences of unbelief. We can only pray others will believe.”

Albert Mohlet can take comfort in the fact that he is an excruciating ass. How is Hitchens’ death any different than anyone else death? And how is that death in anyway a consequence of unbelief? He goes on to say…

“Immediately after his first post, Mohler added, ‘Few things are so valued in this life as brilliance & eloquence. Neither will matter in the world to come.’

‘The point about Christopher Hitchens is not that he died of unbelief,’ he concluded, ‘but that his unbelief is all that matters now. Unspeakably sad.’”

Mohler must be living is some sort of Bizarro Earth, because from the way the majority of the people seem to act it seems that stupidity and ignorance are the crowning traits of people Today. To which, Hitchens was against such vile displays of stupidity.
And then to end his message, to say that “now” is when faith matters, is so incredulous as to merit public ridicule on the public square. Groundless statements made about foolish philosophical positions.


The only thing to matter to Hitchens now is, nothing whatsoever. He is dead. Story of his life has ended. To think a person can survive their death is “unspeakably sad”.

We move on to Lee Strobel of “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” fame.

“Along with other Christian leaders, atheist-turned-Christian Lee Strobel, author of The Case for Christ, expressed his grief over Hitchens’ death on Twitter.

‘I was among many who shared Christ with him; so sad he rejected Gospel,’ Strobel added.”

If there was anything to your mythos, Hitchens would have still rejected it out of the reason of the atrocity of the deity who was so malicious and cruel to his own creation, but Lee Stroble, you couldn’t even support the case for existence of God much less the case for a Christ.

Next, we go on to this crap…

“Denny Burk, associate professor of biblical studies at Boyce College, also mourned the death of the ‘unique public intellectual with a rapier wit and an even sharper pen.’

’I would like to think that perhaps his skepticism didn’t win out in the end,” Burk hoped. “I would like to think that the gospel he heard from Wilson and others might have broken through just in time as it did for the thief on the cross. Stranger things have happened, and the Lord’s arm indeed is not too short to save even in such a moment. Nevertheless, we may never have any evidence this side of glory that the light finally broke through to Hitchens.’”

Burk takes the lifetime body of work of Christopher Hitchens and ignores is as nothing with the hope of a last second conversion. Burk may recognize the rapier wit and pen of Hitchens, but he is no slouch when it comes to destroying a man legacy. In all ways and in every time Hitchens has been asked this foolish question in the 21 months since his illness was made know he has steadfastly contended that he wouldn’t find a conversion to this religion a bit of comfort.
How hard is that to get through their thick delusional skulls?


“Pastor Douglas Wilson, a conservative reformed evangelical theologian who was featured alongside Hitchens in the documentary “Collision,” wrote in detail about his relationship with the British-American journalist and his thoughts on his death on Christianity Today.”

‘We have no indication that Christopher ever called on the Lord before he died, and if he did not, then Scriptures plainly teach that he is lost forever. But we do have every indication that Christ died for sinners, men and women just like Christopher. We know that the Lord has more than once hired workers for his vineyard when the sun was almost down.’”

Heat we also don’t have Pastor Wilson is any indication that there is anything beyond this life. But we do have a lot of indicators that there isn’t.  it is amazing how the delusional adherents can take logic and reality and twist them around so the delusion and fiction seem real and our grasp on reality is what should be suspect.

I will end now, but there are so many of these self-righteous, self-appointed, paragons of virtue using Hitchens death as a means to further their religion of fear and control over others that are weak willed and weak mined

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Comment by M G Rupp on December 18, 2011 at 5:49am
 Mohler added, ‘Few things are so valued in this life as brilliance & eloquence. Neither will matter in the world to come.’

No wonder he so desperately craves the existence of an afterlife--if this is statement was true, he would no doubt feel much more at home there.



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