Hamza Kashgari: "satanic tweets" result in calls for the death penalty

Until last weekend 23 years old Kashgari Hamza was just a young and upcoming journalist from Saudi Arabia with quite a fan base following him not only in the newspapers but also on twitter. Currently he is a man who has to fear for his life with a saudi government prohibiting all newspapers from publishing any texts by Kashgari. More than 10.000 people on facebook demand his death and it is not clear where Kashgari currently is.
What has happened?

On Saturday, a day before the birthday of Muhammad,  Kashgari published three tweets about Mohammed. 

Here is a screenshot of the original tweets:

Tweet # 1: "On your birthday I will say that I loved the revolutionary in you, who always inspired me. But I do not like the halo. I pray thee not. "
Tweet  # 2: "On your birthday I'll see you wherever I turn. I will say that I liked things about you, hated things and didn't understand some other things. "
Tweet # 3: "On your birthday I will not bow myself before you, not kiss your hand. I'll shake it as an equal and smile at you so as you smile at me. And I'll talk to you only as a friend ... That's all. " 

By the end of the weekend some 30.000 tweets dealth with the issue, a facebook group called The saudi people want the punishment of Hamza Kashgari" was created with more than 10.000 fans and quite a lot of "experts" in the form of Saudi "jurists" and "preachers" gave out their verdict: DEATH.

See for example Nasser al-Omar here CRYING because 
he supposedly can't bear the insult of the Prophet. By his actions Kashgari supposedly has shown himself to be  an apostate and we all know what that means in Saudi Arabia: beheading by a sword.
The outcry worked and the government has banned Kashgaris works and texts demanding his arrest. It didn't help him that he deleted his tweets and apologized. He had to flee. Nobody knows exactly where he is. There are reports that he was caught in Malaysia, but also a dementi to that has been circulating.
What is so sad about the whole story is that actually Kashgari didn't even say anything really evil in the first place. Especially those that demand his death actually should agree with him mostly. For it is the conservative (wahabi) circle that actually denies Mohammed the status of anything but a human (and of course prophet). Exactly that circle that also considers birthday celebrations to be an unislamic (and thus evil) invention. So basically his tweets express what they officially teach. Perhaps it was the word "hate" that caused the uproar.... or perhaps he is just an easy target for the conservatives in an endless struggle between stupid wahabites and almost as stupid supposedly "liberals". Well in Saudi Arabia any "liberal" is still an ultraconservative by the standards of most other "arabic/muslim" countries.

Anyway ... to stay true to my promise: FUCK ALLAH !!!!

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Comment by Lilium Baden on February 11, 2012 at 12:06am

So Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani cheats on her husband and is sentenced to be stoned to death and the world is angry. Kashgari Hamza is true to his faith and writes accordingly and nevertheless the elders call for his death and you don't hear so much as a small outcry? Wow...

Comment by Sandi on February 10, 2012 at 7:52am

Ahhh, religious hypocrisy. Ya gotta love even if you can't for the life of you understand it.

Believe or burn peoples, believe or burn.

Comment by Loren Miller on February 10, 2012 at 7:25am

Good Night, Irene!!! First it was Danish cartoonists and a caricature, and now it's TWEETS?!? It's getting to the point where I suspect someone would get bent out of shape if someone else suggested that Mohammed had a hangnail!

I can't escape the feeling that this is a product of a culture so steeped in islam and praise of the prophet that it cannot conceive of criticism of either Mohammed or his religion and is so infantile in its mindset that any criticism, regardless of how mild it may be, is deserving of death. I can only deduce that these people are so culturally isolated that it is doubtful that they have ever run onto ANY opinion regarding islam other than the one they were raised with, and in a world which is becoming more varied and eclectic on a daily basis, that is not a healthy attitude to be culturing.

At some point or other, Saudi Arabia is going to have to come to terms with the fact that there is a world outside of their peninsula and a large portion of that world which does not subscribe either to their religion, their prophet or their attitude regarding them. If they want to be able to operate in that world, somehow or other, they will have to learn to live with contrary opinions regarding islam and Mohammed ... or crap like this will only get worse.

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