“That’s Gay!”—What am I missing?


I think it was time I started some blogs on gay marriage.  I haven't really addressed it much on my site.  I thought this would be a good way to start.


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Comment by Reason Being on February 16, 2012 at 11:17am

So the arguments that you have seen are very similar.  The same old nonsense without the fervor. Thanks for your comment, it gives me something to think about for future posts.  I would love it, if you had a free minute to post it on my site---I would love to get people talking about this. 

Comment by Joe C on February 16, 2012 at 10:39am

Heh, yeah, i grew up gay in a non-religious community. There was still plenty of homophobia to go around. I'd say it had a lot less venom though -- more like "Well! It's your life you can fuck it up if you want to" or "I think you're gross but that's just me" kinda attitudes. That is, they probably wouldn't go out and campaign for something like Prop 8, but i sure can see them voting for it.

Secular arguments against gay'ness and gay marriage are actually fairly similar to religious arguments i hear, and fail in similar ways:

  • "heterosexuality is natural and thus more healthy for humans"
  • "gay sex is aesthetically unappealing and thus people should stop doing it"
  • "homosexuality is unhygienic and should be discouraged for public health reasons"
  • "heterosexual family unions make for a healthy society overall. Encouraging other family structures causes a breakdown of otherwise healthy societies"
  • "accepting homosexuality is the fore-runner to the collapse of civilizations"
  • "being gay is a mental illness thus it's associated behaviors should be discouraged"
  • and on a more secular note: "legal marriage should not exist in the first place. So until it is fully abolished, at least we can keep gay people from marrying"



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