Democracy Is The Lowest Form of Government

The greatest threat to national security is not terrorists, nuclear weapons, bird flu, immigration, guns, or even religious fanatics from all sects of religions. The greatest threat is to US National Security is the uneducated, ill-informed, US citizen. Thusly, this makes democracy the lowest form of government.

For a democracy to truly work at its finest, it rests solely on the notion that its citizens are educated. It is a requirement, not an option. But not educated simply from textbooks, it has to be as well about the separation of deciding between what is good social policy for all citizens. And it must leave out all moral considerations when doing such in the exercise of that power.

Democracy rests heavily on majority rule. In essence to win everything you only need more stupid people to vote as opposed to smart people. And the Yea's will have it every single time. Rather than have an exam for the intelligence of the voter, there should be one for the person whom is going into the elected office. The last thing any democracy needs is an uneducated ill-informed leader essentially in charge of the system. Education alone cannot be measured by degrees attained, to which it stands that testing the IQ , critical thinking ability, and analytical reasoning of all government workers, especially candidates to elected offices is essentially vital not only to the security of a democracy but the prosperity of the nation henceforth as well.

America has done a piss poor job of education Americans in regard to the fields of mathematics and science. However, it also fails to educate American's in its own history, it's legal system, it's penalties, how to appeal a decision, the citizens rights as a juror. Most people do not know the laws in their own state, let alone the federal laws, the court system. We should spend years upon years education citizens about their rights and privileges as a US citizen...and need to do more than just the cliche of teaching them the Bill of Rights' it is essential, but there has been far many more laws written and interpretations of it since the time it was written originally.

Democracy is defined as "government by the people", "majority rule". But we know this cannot be true in each case. If the people decided to bring back black slavery as a majority some would say so be it, it is majority rule. However, this would take away the individual liberty and freedom that is the right of every single US citizen. If the people decided to take away the right of women to vote, the same concept would apply, it would be interesting to note whether or not if black women would be specifically affected. It would undoubtedly bring up the question is the individual with born with natural breast and a vagina is a woman first, or black first...Interesting indeed.

The key of education is of absolute importance to the advancement of any democratic system of government. Without proper education of the masses, you do not have a democracy where all are equal, you have and create an elite class of citizens by lack of education for the others. Sure everyone will not go to college, nor is college for everyone. But everyone is fundamentally entitled to the same level of superior education from childhood, to whence the become of the age of majority.

And from this vantage point do we begin and lay the foundation for the building block of making our democracy truly strengthen. All men are not created equal, biology alone dictates this enough. Not all of us are tall, have blue eyes, or can play electric guitar. But educationally we all must have the same commonality of education. Yet we as citizens are, even though we may not be purely fundamentally.

No matter the IQ or academic abilities of a person, there is such a thing as a shared concept or notion. We all get the point. Human language is the lowest for of communication and there are few words we all understand, and we need every damn one we can get. The concept is more important than the words themselves, but we still fight petty and childish arguments of "language" in this nation.

One problem of educating the American citizen is that, education in America always is placed on the back burner to popularity. One garners far more attention and respect for being popular then being smart. Not saying that being smart does not make one popular, just not as popular as the "rebel" the "jock", or the "pretty ones". I am not trying to invoke the Breakfast Club here, but it is true. When democracy is absentee of its need for intellectualism it becomes exactly a microcosm of high school and no longer becomes a democracy, but a poorly made attempt at one.

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Comment by Ralph Dumain on April 18, 2009 at 11:40am
"When democracy is absentee of its need for intellectualism it becomes exactly a microcosm of high school and no longer becomes a democracy, but a poorly made attempt at one."

Great analogy to high school! You couldn't pay me enough to re-live high school. Unfortunately, high school itself is a microcosm--the epitome, perhaps?--of society.

Luckily, we at least have the Bill of Rights on paper, which offers a bulwark against the tyranny of both the government and the mob. Too bad we have no documents blocking the tyranny of big business.



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