In my convention talk, this statement got by far the strongest response.
"Homophobia, for many people, is rooted in guilt and anxiety about their own MASTURBATORY behavior and in the shame they feel about their own bodies." It is among the strongest challenges to religionists. Try using it on someone and see how they respond. Even if they vehemently disagree, there is no doubt that they will think about it the next time they masturbate. It is the most intimate thing you can do with yourself, the one thing religionists are most afraid of and cannot openly deal with. As a result, they externalize it by demonizing those who aren't ashamed of their sexuality. Have great sex with yourself.

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Comment by Satani Sharifiaroz on March 29, 2012 at 1:13pm
nice view point, reminds me of another topic i was working on.
Comment by Rich Goss on March 29, 2012 at 11:45am

Darrel, I couldn't agree more.  I devote a whole chapter of Mirror Reversal to this theme.  By making people ashamed of their own bodies, the churches create a vacuum that they fill with anti-human mythology.  Ever notice that all non-reproductive sexual behavior is sinful?  Non-reproductive sex is defined as "sodomy" which many states define as “unnatural sexual relations.” 

That’s complete bull because the natural world is full of homosexual behavior, from gay orangs, to oral sex in bonobo chimps to lesbian parrots. 

From Mirror Reversal:

   "Many Catholic women can’t even give their hubbies a stress-relieving blowjob without feeling guilt.  The clergy teaches pleasure is displeasing to God, but the real reason is religious leaders want to maintain power so they don’t have to toil like commoners." 

All right, maybe the last line is a little acrimonious, but there has to be an ulterior motive for turning off people to their own bodies.




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