…this site?

Why not?

Are you tired of all the tax dollars being spent on "faith initiatives", "Christian propaganda" and things like The Boy Scouts of America, …who don't allow kids from atheist or GLBT families to join?

Are you sick of the so-called "Prosperity Ministries" able to operate tax-free, while their owners build bigger and more luxurious tax-free mansions?

Are you tired of religious organizations getting to operate without regards to any government health, safety and  employment regulations?

Are you sick AND tired of the creeping Teabagger Taliban that wants to take over the government?

Well, some of us are working towards putting an end to these things by activism, but, there's something even those who just use this site to pass the time posting LOLcats, recipe's, favorite Justin Bieber videos, etc. -> can do to help, at least in a very small way, to pay for the operating costs of this site.

I keep seeing people either pointing out the irony of, feeling scandalized by or just whining about seeing ads like this:

Yes, that's a couple of Assholes for Jesus, Billy Graham and his son using internet advertising to suck money from the witless and ignorant. It works too, if it didn't …they wouldn't be spending all that ill-earned cash to pay for the ads.

I've seen this one too:

Courtesy of our batshit-crazy friends at World Net Daily, an online nexus of all kinds of political fringe, right-wing fundie-ness.

On Atheist Nexus!!!!

Well, here's the plan:

Let's get them to help pay for Atheist Nexus operating costs.

These ads are placed by Adsense, a Google subsidiary that uses "keywords" found on sites as well as cookies on your browser to put up unique ads for each page view.

Here's the good part, the advertiser pays for "click-through"; this means that if you click on the ad, the advertiser then pays a fee to Adsense, and Atheist Nexus gets a cut.

It's the perfect irony, the religious tithing to an atheist site.

….good times.

If you see these ads, you don't use "ad-blocker". If you have "ad-blocker", turn it off when you use this site.

Experience the delicious irony of all those homophobic wannabe theocrats tithing to Atheist Nexus!

Of course, if you really do value this place …consider this as well.

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Comment by Joan Denoo on April 23, 2012 at 10:02am

Richard, I am not getting your posts. 

Comment by annet on April 21, 2012 at 9:25pm

This is indeed a masterful idea.  I've been clicking away.   I was just offered the opportunity to get a masters in god studies in only 3 months!  Nothing short of a miracle. 

Comment by Andy Reid on April 21, 2012 at 8:41pm




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