People who abandon organized religion but still believe in a creator/god, are what I call "halfway there." At least they're not out to hurt anyone with their beliefs, or impose their doctrine on anyone else. You hear a lot of people say, "I'm not religious, but I'm spiritual." A lot of time, these "spiritual" people will spend countless hours and money going from one new age fad to the next, looking for enlightenment or a deeper connection to god. This makes me sad, because I was once the same way, and I remember how lost I was--how needy I was for meaning and purpose. I have relatives who are still. It's a search that will never end for them, unless they finally realize there's nothing more to find. For me, that was enlightenment. I wish everyone could learn to be satisfied with what's right in front of them. Life is too short to waste on the search for something more. There is all the meaning in the world (in the actual world). And you don't need to understand where it all came from, to enjoy it. At least I don't. Am I making it too simplified? Should it be more complicated? To me, it is all simple. It's just life. Until it's not anymore.

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Comment by annet on May 19, 2012 at 10:32am

*Life is too short to waste on the search for something more. - yes!

*You sir, are a track star. - :)

*I'm hoping she keeps going in the right direction... skeptical=progress

If I were to use the word enlightened in the same sentence as myself, it would have to mean travelling through life lighter due to lack of religious baggage, not the usual sense of wiser than everyone else.

Comment by Deborrah Cooper on May 18, 2012 at 3:40pm

Patience Grasshopper! As children we let go of Mommy's hand and crawled before we walked, Then we stood and held onto the safety and comfort of furniture and whatever else we could hold onto as we took our first timid steps. When we struck out on our own it was with excitement, yet fear as we stumbled and fell and left behind the security of someone being there to catch us. When we got over that, we ran!

I see our growth to denial of a Sky Daddy in that manner. Everyone that has children and watched them learn to walk can identify with the steps taken to become a track star. You sir, are a track star. Some are still in their infancy and just began to crawl. They'll get there eventually, but in their own time. In their own way. Patience Grasshopper.



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