More Photos! Stormy Seas at Southwold

As my week off rounds of to a close, I set off to the coast with the intent of doing some self portraits on golden sands (my online profiles are in serious need of updating); maybe some long exposures of gentle waves breaking over rocks, to hang up around the flat.

This was not to be.

I arrived at Southwold, on the Suffolk Coast, with the sea crashing against the pier in spectacular, pounding, waves, the weather growing steadily worse and just out to sea a large front was visible. In the centre the rain was coming down as an obscuring mist. I'd timed my arrival with the hope of seeing the tide come in, but behind the tide was a storm accelerating the sea forward up the beach!

The wind went from blustery to buffeting on a whim, rain fell cold and hard like nails, and the clouds rolled into toward the coast promising worse to come.

Today, as it turned out, was a good day to be out with the camera!

Despite my best efforts on so many of the photos I got spray and blobs of water on the lens!! *sob* , so I've rescued what I can.

Also, I'd gone with ambitions of hunting down the converging lines to attract the eye. However with the sea rapidly advancing up the beach I had abandon this plan and make a swift retreat for the safety of the sea wall - and so from then on was confined to taking my photos from various man-made vantage points - and not low to the ground where I could get some nice angles, seeing as low to the ground was now under-water.

I hadn't done any HDR and my long exposures were minorly successful but nothing special - so as I sat diddling about in photoshop wondering what I could do to make the images sing - I decided to try something different and apply textures to the photos: I began liking the results and figured it works by complementing the rather chaotic , and non-uniform nature of the waves by giving each image a different sense of character or story.

But do tell me what you think.

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Comment by Richard Healy on June 10, 2012 at 8:19am
Thank Jay,
Comment by jay H on June 10, 2012 at 6:48am
Sentient Biped:
Your comment about risk is very true. Of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in America (interestingly police and fire fighting don't even make that list), commercial fishing is #1. Others include logging, underground mining, farming.
Comment by Richard Healy on June 9, 2012 at 4:38am
A new upload!

I call this one "A Dunwich Horror" - Dunwich is a Saxon village all but completely now lost to the sea just a little way further up the coast from Southwold.

In now way that I am aware of is it connected to the Lovecraftian tentacular horror of eldritch malevolant powers set around Maine, however the association was too good to pass up.

A tonne of post-processing went into this photo.

Levels and contrast were edited, some brightness and colour changes, there's a greatly attenuated radial blur in there (i wanted to give it a sense of 'punch' pushing out at you. My usual high pass filter (duplicate > overlay> high pass filter > soft or hard light) ; I've then blended it with a texture of a rusting dumpster (which is where all those fantastic swirls come from!) that's been monochromed, stretched, twisted and had it's levels altered to get greater contrast. I thought it needed a little something more on top of all of that so I've thrown in some 'glowing edges' for that extra 'otherworldy' 'pop'

Comment by Richard Healy on June 9, 2012 at 2:46am
I did feel standing on the pier, that sublime feeling of awe and terror - the sea is ferocious.

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