Atheist Mary Kay Consultant working to make a difference

   I have been in Mary Kay cosmetics for 3 years and grew up in a fundamentalist Christian home. I have been an atheist for about 8 months now and have become frustrated. Growing up only knowing religious people has made this transition hard for me but more so in my business. I have had to change my weekly meetings because my director is too preachy. It never used to bother me, but the moment I came to understand that there is no god, etc. is the moment things started to make me angry.

  I contemplated leaving Mary Kay cosmetics, but i love this company and what it truly stands for, which is enriching women's lives but i think its more of enriching people's lives because we now have men consultants. For this reason, I felt that yes it's true that this company was founded in texas by religious people, that Mary Kay Ash was a fundamentalist and that the majority of the people in this company are religious, BUT it is still a company, a business. Private or Not. I am going to let myself leave this amazing opportunity because its only for religious people? That is so insane. I have determined that I am not going to let that difference stop me. Yes it is an annoyance, but i feel that in life we have to learn to deal with people. Most of the world is religious and even though that doesnt mean i have to talk or get along with religious people, i would rather not isolate myself. Plus, many people today are questioning faith and maybe me sticking it out will open someone's mind? Not sure but its worth a try.

  I have concluded that I am going to be a proud Atheist and Humanist while still being a Mary Kay consultant. Many of the mary kay freinds know and although they may not agree, they are respectful. I have not heard yet of any sales director or national sales directors that are Atheist, nor any that are bisexual/lesbian. So, since i love this company, i am going to take a stand and work to be a Atheist/humanist, bisexual, Mary Kay director and national director. This company could use a good mind blower and i think its time someone showed them this company is not just for adults with imaginary friends! Can u imagine? A successful National Atheist Director in Mary Kay?! That is a huge statement being made to the religious community and i think its high time its done.


My motto is

   You dont have to believe in god to be successful in life. You do the work anyways, just give YOURSELF the credit for once in your life!


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Comment by Michael Brice on June 13, 2012 at 9:58am

True Jedi, good to have a plan B, Stephanie, good luck to you

Comment by evan lee cooksey on June 12, 2012 at 5:00pm

good luck. i mean that. i think there are lots of people who dont believe. yet carry on due to social reasons. its simple logic everybody else is why rock the boat. you have an up hill battle. even with that said its people like you that makes change possible

Comment by Jedi Wanderer on June 12, 2012 at 4:22pm

Very interesting post. If I might throw something out there, look into the lawyers that defend atheists (sorry their names are eluding me at the moment). If you end up getting fired for your beliefs, maybe you can sue them for wrongful termination.


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