Atheism and Europe have their roots in Christianity claims Vatican

This is my first post on this site and not wholly sure whether best to post a blog or forum post or start a group! Anyway, no doubt I'll find my way around.

I've written an article on Atheism and Europe have Christian Roots claims Vatican on my own Asylum Joy blog. Would appreciate some comments on this, as well as possibly some votes on StumbleUpon. Actually, on this last point am slowly making a note of the best bookmarking sites as some, like Digg, have no religion or philosophy category and articles get scattered across places such as arts and culture.

Anyway, to the main point. The article is an English review of an Italian article in the Vatican's Osservatore Romano - yes I'm fluent in Italian! The article is the usual propaganda piece but makes the wild claim that as Catholics are on the path of truth and that atheists are also seeking truth, that atheists are actually on the same Catholic road - atheists are those who have rejected the truth, somewhat like booking a holiday but then not going.

However, although the article mentions atheism the actual message in it is that Europe, as a Christian superstate, should remain such and not be diverted from its path of truth by expanding into non-Christian territories. This must be a not-so-thinly-veiled reference to the discussions about Turkey joining the EU.

As this sermon is ultimately about the fate of Europe, why does the title even mention atheism? Perhaps, just as putting 'God' in the title of a book is sure to increase sales, so putting 'atheism' in the title of an article in a Catholic paper will increase readers.

I may do more reviews if people appreciate them. The Osservatore is published daily in Italian and an English weekly digest is also published but impossible to tell what the editors will put into it.

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Comment by Tao Jones on January 18, 2009 at 7:57am
Haha... classic.



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