An Evolution debate on Youtube (The ending is worth the read!)

The fossil record is not proof for evolution. Where I can go see the geologic column? There is no such place, it can only be found in the textbooks. Darwinists will concoct elaborate scenarios and fabricated diagrams of all the layers perfectly aligned to fit the theory, but it's all make-believe, nothing real that can be tested or observed, just drawings. If you find some bones, there's no proof that it had ANY children before it died, so you can't say ANYTHING evolved from it. Nice softball.

Everything you just said is false and completely void of scientific understanding.

I probably have a better understanding than you. I can just separate the religion (evolution) from the science. If you think I said something incorrect, put your money where your mouth is and be specific. Was I wrong to expect evidence that can be tested or observed? Drawings don't prove anything.

Your premise that drawings and diagrams are the only thing that support evolution is wrong. You haven't studied evolutionary science. Evolution is one of the few theories that is supported by every branch of science. Between 93%-95% of all scientists support the authenticity of evolution. The evidence for evolution is so convincing that even many religious organizations have been forced to incorporate it, including the Catholic church and many protestant faiths.

You are so brainwashed you sound like you're reading from a script. Simply repeating verbatim what someone else says doesn't prove anything. Not one thought of your own. USA is 93%-96% Christian, so I guess that proves God. Nice argument from authority. How much and how devoutly people believe something to be true does not make it true. I want evidence not opinion.

It makes it a lot more credible when 93-95 percent of people who believe in nothing without evidence believe in something. Your comparison has no merit.

It funny, because I bet in the USSR communism was supported by every branch of government. Beware of one hand clapping.

People in the USSR thought so. So you're saying if you were in the former USSR and someone tried to convince you that communism was true because on the record 100% of people support it, you would agree that communism was correct?

If the evidence for the correctness of communism were as concrete as evolutionary science, then I would be a communist.

The "merit" of my comparison was to point out the flaw of using an argument from authority, it can be used to prove ANYTHING.

You can go to school, learn high levels of mathematics and physics to check the proofs yourself. If you had done that you wouldn't be contending that graphs and diagrams are the only source of proof for evolution. You're speaking out of ignorance and blind faith in a religious document that can't even agree with itself...

Check what proofs? And I never said that graphs and diagrams are the only source of proof for evolution, it's the only proof for the geologic column. There are MANY lies put forth in the textbooks used to indoctrinate evolutionism other than drawings. My point is that there is no testable evidence, it's all found in the textbook. Please give me a piece of evidence that EXISTS in the real world.

There is plenty of testable evidence. Evolution on a small scale can be seen all over the world. Selective breeding is an example. The continuation of small changes inevitable lead to larger changes. But these are all laymen arguments. You need to understand higher levels of science to even begin to talk about the more persuasive arguments for evolution. I doubt that you are up to the task.

"USA is 93%-96% Christian, so I guess that proves God." -- So I guess that by that logic, if 93% of the people in a sanatorium believe they`re Napoleon, they all are Napoleon! Because many people believing something automaticly makes it true ... makes perfect sense!

You missed the boat. I said that to point out the fallacy of saying because 93-95% of scientists believe evolution it is true. I think we both agree that the number of people who believe in something DOESN'T make it true. I would never actually say that because 93% believe in Christianity it's true, it was merely meant to point out the evolutionist's fallacy.

It all depends on the group. If 95% of dentists contend that sugar causes cavities, then you would believe it. Why? Because they are the experts and they have evidence to back up their claims.

Oh, that's very convenient. So, you will blindly believe something is true base on how many believers it only when it suits you. You're make the argument that the number of believers makes something true, but your 'rule' only applies when the majority in question agrees with you. Very convenient.

Actually no, I'm an engineer and I can see the evidence on an academic level. Do you have the education to even understand the evidence? Here, what is the anti-derivative of cosx+2x^2

Oh, very convenient. Here's you: "Oh, oh, oh there is proof, but I can't provide any." You know nothing about my level of education, and you might be surprised to know it's biology related. Your contention that there is evidence, but you cannot present it because it's above me is laughable. Do you have evidence or not? I am aware you think there's is SUPPOSED evidence and have taken it on faith that it supports evolution. It does not.

And yet you didn't answer the question. You are no biologist. If you were you would be able to answer a basic first year level calculus question...

What does calculus have to do with evolutionism?

If you don't know, then you are no biologist.

The derivative is 4x - sinx.

Yes, yes population dynamics. That is the big proof? LOL that's just more crap in the textbook. Oh, and I see you wanted the anti-derivative of cosx+2x^2 not the derivative. It's 2/3x^3+sinx, why didn't you catch me on that?

I guess you can just take this comment back. I answered your little question, and it doesn't prove evolutionism.

You admitted a lack of understanding of calculus already by asking the use for it. Then you googled the answers and came back and posted 8 minutes later when the average time between your posts was 1 min. That problem should have taken a biologist 30 seconds. Coming back and pretending that you knew the answer all along proves that you are prepared to lie for your faith in order to convince people. This conversation is over. You are a simpleton.

I am no liar. Give me another.

Also it's 2/3x^3-sinx

My bad good catch.

lol, you were right with 2/3x^3+sinx. I was just testing my google hypothesis. And that's science.

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Comment by James Yount on February 13, 2013 at 9:54pm

Thanks for the compliment and for the info, Alexander.  I didn't realize I was dealing with a professional religious troll at the time.  And it was nice to read this conversation again in light of Darwin's birthday being yesterday.  :)

Comment by Alexander Louis Center on February 13, 2013 at 11:05am

Well done!  If I may add, DarthHater100 is a sock account used by the creationist tool Shockofgod.  Shockofgod blocks anyone whom he disagrees with from his channel, but quickly discovered that he can't censor the hundreds of thousands of voices that oppose him on other channels and videos.  Thus he created "DarthHater100" so he can still comment without (he thinks) looking like the fool.  In DarthHater100's bio, he claims to being born and living in Canada, but often times during an argument he will somehow forget this statement, and say something like "I stand for God and the U.S.A., my home country!!!".

Comment by James Yount on June 24, 2012 at 12:03pm

My sentiments exactly :)

Comment by Tony Carroll on June 24, 2012 at 1:01am

I mean....what the....ahh....sooo.....I'm truly at a loss for words. Apparentely, the mind IS a terrible thing to waste. Can't see the freaking forest, as the saying goes. Whatever. Man!

Comment by James Yount on June 24, 2012 at 12:49am

Tony- No, in fact he just sent me a message accusing me once again of offering no proof and then called me a bigot and offered to pray for me. lol

Comment by Tony Carroll on June 24, 2012 at 12:45am

ROFLMAO! And i  would be willing to bet DarthHater100 still doesn't get it!

Comment by James Yount on June 24, 2012 at 12:39am

Thanks Steph!

Comment by James Yount on June 23, 2012 at 11:34pm

Thanks Annet! I have to admit that I laughed myself silly after typing that last response!

Comment by annet on June 23, 2012 at 11:31pm

Well played James Yount! That is a hilarious last line indeed.  You'd have the patience of a saint if such a thing existed. 



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