Any time a zealot commits an extreme act we hear how anomalous and senseless it is. Oh it is a departure from our religion which is one of peace, they'll say.

There is a greater awareness among atheists that the party line is a lie. Western religions are anything but peaceful. Their scripture is vicious. And by the very nature of the contract the religious adherent forfeits her right to reason contrary to the "word". Faith and obedience are in the recipe for religious extremism. 

Indeed the weaker the secular influence the greater the incidence of extremism. Religion is like a lab experiment run amok.

And when individuals commit acts of extremism as a result of some political ideology another contract with the devil is signed. Abdicate your individualism. Dont criticize the state and its ideology. God and state is paramount. Obey, you sheep, obey!

"The sleep of reason produces monsters." But what about rationalism? Yes rationalism. Do proponents of rationalism ever fall prey to its appeal and commit acts of extremism?



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