Chick-Fil-A mess. The politicians are wrong

Is it me or has there been an extreme amount of hyperbole concerning a certain fast food restaurant that serves chicken sandwiches? I agree that there should be some discussion about the owner and his statements. The LGBT community and their supporters should not patronize this establishment for obvious reasons. All groups that support the equal rights of the gay community should raise their voices in protest. Any business that financially and vocally supports measures that limits the equal rights of any American should be held up to ridicule. If that owner is attempting to promote a religious agenda and influence political policy, he must be stopped.

If the owner is voicing his opinion and the opinion of his company, he has every right. I have to give the man a little credit for placing his beliefs where his pocket is. He owns a fast food restaurant and he is closed on a day that has the potential to raise his bottom line exponentially. He stands by his religious convictions, which is more than you can say about most “religious” people.  

I abhor all of those religious “American Values” groups that scream their hatred at companies like Nabisco, JC Penney, Starbucks and any other corporation that defends the rights of the gay community. These groups not only denounce and call for boycotts when it comes to supporting gays, they attack radio and television shows that they disagree with on principle alone. These groups have vocalized their displeasure on so many trivial details; no one even listens to them anymore.

I am not comparing the justified actions being taken against Chick-Fil-A from the LGBT community and all of the groups that support them. This situation needs to be protested and the franchise should be boycotted.  Our voices do not rise over trivial items. Our voices need to be heard.

My gripe is with the politicians; The Mayor of Boston and the Alderman in Chicago that are taking to the microphones expressing their concerns about having a Chick-Fil-A in their city. Really?!? You are going to stop a business from entering your city and create jobs because the owner is religious and has views that you do not support? I grew up in the neighborhood in Chicago where this Alderman is attempting to stop a franchise. And I think I know enough about Boston to question the validity of the comments being made. If they want to really make a stand and show how “progressive” they are; Say something about the large Catholic presence you have in your city. When you run for re-election, distance yourself from the donors that I am sure you eagerly recruited.  Then I will applaud you.  Until then….shut the fuck up. Jumping on this bandwagon for political gain is not only petty, it is wrong.

The reason I disagree with these politicians is for a precedent that they may set. I don’t want any politician discouraging a company or organization from conducting business in their jurisdiction due to religious, non-religious or political views. You can have concerns about a business due to the items or services they sell. I understand if you question the placement of an adult entertainment establishment in a residential neighborhood. I can understand zoning laws. I understand if a company does not serve a patron due to race, religion or sexual preference. I understand if they do not hire due to race, religion or sexual preference. The only complaint that I have heard about Chick-Fil-A is the owner’s religious and political views. This would be equal to a city that does not allow a company in its borders because they are LGBT friendly and support the Libertarian party. Would you not think that this should be illegal?

While I am a strong proponent of gay marriage through signing petitions and sending letters to the editor of my local paper, I also have to support the rights of people with whom I disagree. I have never patronized a Chick-Fil-A or a Krogers (a grocery store that is also closed on Sundays for religious reasons); I support their right to run their business and support any political agenda that they see fit. As long as they continue to separate their religious beliefs from hiring practices and customer service, they should not be prevented from attempting to expand.

Let the public decide if they will prosper.

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Comment by John on July 27, 2012 at 7:42pm

If Chick-Fila-A owner Dan Cathy is upset about the the current debate over his homophobic views I can only say tough luck Dan. All you've done is alienate several million potential customers who probably didn't even know you are fundie wacko.

Comment by Charles Cusumano on July 27, 2012 at 2:58pm

Ever since I found out that Chik-fil-a was owned by a religious nut, I have stopped eating there. This sort of unthinking, tasteless comment by the owner just validates my decision. Anything that is closed on sunday's except just to take a day off will not get my patronage. According to the bible I should be put to death for working on sunday; The irony is that I work in the healthcare field and spend my sundays trying to prevent death. Sorry for the disjointed rant but this sort of thing is so exasperating that sometime I can't help but puke my vitriol, in buckets.

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