Okay usually you get people that just like "historic Jesus" or think the concept is neat, or like the happy feel good hippy junk he preached about.
But no, I cannot stand Jesus, not at all.

Why is this?
Well it can be summed up as: He is an inconsistent, hypocritical, asshole.

Without getting too theologically involved, lets take the trinity, in which you believe "God" and "Jesus" (not their actual names but the most frequently used aliases the followers use when talking to or about them) are the same being. It's been described as water having it's three stages but always being the same basic being with slightly different properties at that time.

If you maintain that "God" and "Jesus" are one in the same, then you would also believe they would have the same morals, goals, and expectations.
But that's not true at all.

First of all, in the OT, there was no such thing as Hell, no afterlife, absolutely nothing damning other than the world you and I are living in right now. There was no eternal promises or threats.
In the OT, God had prescribed the death penalty for many things, had committed or sponsored genocide on many occasions including wiping out the entire human and other land dwelling animal populations other than one small family from each animal.

Now lets get into the story of Jesus, lets start at conception.
This "virgin" is pledged to be married, she is approximately 12 years old and against it, but has no real choice. It is discovered she is pregnant, now if you are like most people you would think she was a non virgin who would say anything she could to get out of being stoned to death in a desperate attempt to save her life, and her fiancee would feel guilty for allowing her death and was upset, or at least didn't want to waste his money and try to find a new raping bag.
However if you believe in what she said, then the god they worship showed up one night and decided to rape and impregnate her and force her to give birth to...well the rapist that impregnated her in the first place.
(strikes against Jesus 1)

Now lets see, growing up he would wander off, get lost, and space out, like most children do, but instead of owning up to his mistakes he just says that he was busy praying to himself and so no one would be angry with him, also keep in mind this same being had said to never make a show of your praying but to do so privately, and if discovered you would be cursed.
(strike 2).

Now lets see here, he also seemed to have a problem with the death penalty that he had issued for any number of things, prostitution, where and how you plant your crops, the fabric of your clothes, women who are sexually impure, homosexuality, working on Saturday, and any other number of things.
Yet he directly opposes the death penalty.
(strike 3)

On more than one occasion he talks about how he is love, and forgiveness and all those other neat things people love to clutch onto (except if they are thinking about the gays, or women!)
when they grab at their first century torture devices dangling from their necks, but then he directly opposes that much by inventing Hell, and eternal punishment and suffering.
(Strike 4)

Supposedly Satan then started trying to steal souls and tempt people, which lead me to ask what he was doing for the last 4,000 years or so. Maybe he's only mentioned when convenient, I don't know.
(strike 5)

And then you have Jesus wandering around breaking all kinds of laws that HE PUT INTO PLACE, such as, not touching pork, working on the Sabbath, and associating with those not "pure" enough to name a few. Now he says he's here not to abolish the law but to fulfill it, but then he breaks the laws that he made and says this about it every single time "THIS LAW NO LONGER APPLIES...IT DOESN'T MATTER IN THIS CONTEXT....JUST LEAVE ME ALONE...!!!!".
(strike 6+ not sure how many times he directly opposed himself for these examples)

And to just throw this out, when not in Jesus form he gambled (a sin) with Satan for the soul of someone, and had killed his family, slaves, livestock, and all in all ruined his life, and this guy was stupid enough to still "love" that god that did that, and that story proves that God knows everything, loves everyone, and will not foresake you.

And just one more complaint, how is it seriously not considered child abuse for a child centered group use such fear mongering to get them to do as they wish as to scar the children even past childhood, even after they stop believing in what you told them.
I say this because I (ironically) listen to Flyleaf, which for those that do not know, is a band that does not say they are Christian but I dare you to find a single fan that says otherwise or a single song that doesn't make some reference to Christian theology.
Anyway Flyleaf has a song that is very triggering to me from when I was about 10 years old, I believe it's called Chasm. I remember hearing about that part of the bible in children's church and having nightmares and being terrified to the point of physical illness, and even now that song comes on and I become a mess. It's very graphic and frightening to children, and if it was a Muslim band, and a Muslim concept, and Muslims teaching that to children I'd bet you anything we as a nation would be up in arms against such abusive indoctrination of children.

This is what Wikipedia says about the reference that Chasm makes:

Chasm is based on the New Testament parable of The Rich Man and Lazarus. In the parable, the rich man dies and goes to hell. From hell, he looks up to Heaven and sees Lazarus, a beggar who had scrounged crumbs from underneath his table, sitting next to the Jewish patriarch Abraham. The rich man begs Abraham to allow Lazarus to dip his finger in water and come down to hell to soothe his burning tongue. This is impossible because of a wide chasm between Heaven and hell. The rich man then begs Abraham to send Lazarus back to Earth to warn the rich man's brothers to follow the Law of God so that they won't end up next to him in hell. This request is also denied. Abraham responds that his brothers have the words of Moses and the prophets. If they won't believe Moses or the prophets, they won't believe Lazarus even if he returns from the dead.[1]"

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Comment by Kara Ward on July 30, 2012 at 2:54am

I'm sorry about your indoctrination. I can't imagine what it's like for you, but I have some shadow of an idea. I went to a revival once as a kid and the "Hell stuff" scared me so bad I had a seizure.



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