The UBER-Conservative Christian Mormon Hypocrite President candidate will win if..........

....IF we all don't immediately and pro-actively inspire, encourage friends, relatives to REGISTER asap and to Vote! Especially young adults, students, 'minorities' and women... these demographics tend to vote progressive. But, these demographics have 'obstacles' that the Christian Millionnaires have created to deter them from registering and voting (i.e. extra ID required etc). Be a buddy and help people - drive people to get registered. Encourge them to sign-up for absentee voting.

The Mormon has the backing of ALL Evangelicals, Christians, Millionnaires and Hick-Bubbas in the south..... that's a LOT of people backing him, no questions asked!

This is going to be a VERY close Presidential race! Romney may win if we don't get active and speak-out and take-action.

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Comment by Ted Foureagles on October 6, 2012 at 10:13am

I recently moved to South Carolina, and stupidly put off registering until the last minute.  I thought that I had everything I needed (having done this several times before), but I was wrong.  My SC birth certificate, passport, tax documents, change of address verification, bank statement, etc., etc. were not good enough because no single document had my full name (not just middle initial) and current address all on one page.  This will be the first time in 40 years that I haven't voted.  Mission Accomplished!



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