My Marxist teacher turn out to be a Christian

In China our GRE does not have a verbal part. Instead we have a Politic part about Marxism and "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics", namely the delicate theories why only CCP can lead China — to be politically correct, I have to add "with political consultration". Since it is a sensitive period for the next month's event, it will be unwise for me to comment on this exam or Marxism for it is dangerous. We shall only know that this exam is important for any who wants to be a graduate student so many who major in science&engineer attend seminars to prepare for this.
As someone who studies Physical Chemistry so naturally believe in Atomism, I find my conviction is wrong according to Orthodox statements.
What I believe is that there is nothing but atoms and fields and their intereactions. This is called "metaphisical materialism" according to our textbook, and is claimed to be "not true according to later science experiments", and "can not exlain the society's material character". Then what is true and scientific Materialism? It is beyond physics and chemistry:
"Matter is a philosophical category denoting the objective reality which is given to man by his sensations .... Matter is that which, acting upon our sense organs, produces sensation; matter is the objective reality given to us in sensation, and so forth."
This Orthodox definition by Lenin is hard for me to understand. The Constancy of the speed of light, Darwin's evolution are also objective reality. Are they matter? Maybe they don't give us sensations, then, are numbers matter? Or language? Or smell? Or beauty? Or red? It seems more like Ontology to me. In my understanding of Lenin's definition, any phenomenon and physical parameter will be called "matter". If anyone tells me that heat is a kind of matter, I think he lives before Sir Davy.But now, i'm puzzled.
So I asked my teacher who teaches marxism philosophy principles, and he told me these were good questions to avoid answer. I then keep asking like whether matter shall all pocess space-time characters, he finally told me that :
"Everything is created by a god. Your mind, your body, anything you can see, any elements from spiritual and material all points to an utimate, otherworldly world in which no concepts about matter exists, which only comes to god.All good comes from that god, and I believe that god is the God Yehowah and he who came to us and walked among us. He is Jesus Christ. This is Incanation.

I don't believe in human rationality. Philosophy is pure nonsense.It is misleading and causes unrest.You can never know by discuess or meditation.You got to feel it and believe."

I am shocked by this, and don't know how to reply. It is possible that he just don't want to get off me, yet its accent is too similar to some pious Christs. This is so dramatic, absurd and ironic that makes Samuel Beckett clumsy...

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Comment by James M. Martin on October 31, 2012 at 5:11pm

Psssst!  The earliest Christians were communists.

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