An Atheist’s View of General Betray-us

When I heard the news that the director of the CIA had an affair with his sycophantic, fawning biographer, I was shocked, dismayed and flabbergasted.  Here he paid lip service to Biblical nonsense his whole life and now when he reaches sixty he admits to breaking the seventh commandment —big time.

Deut. 22:22 - Adulterers must be killed


He resigned as if that's enough.  Hey, what about the recruits over the decades who were severely punished and persecuted for committing much lesser crimes against God’s law?  Careers were smashed; idealistic young soldiers were humiliated; kids were thrown in the brig just for being absent without official leave.


He broke a sacred vow made before God, broke the heart of his faithful and loyal wife, jeopardized national security and now he wants to resign and retire with a nifty pension and live in the lap of luxury.  His marital vow was made before a priest who is the representative of God Himself on Earth.  (I’m not kiddin’.)  And what did the general do:  he’s porked his secretary; he buried the salami, screwed, drilled, rolled in the hay, got nookie, balled, bonked, banged and boffed her.  In legal terms he knew her carnally! 


The right thing to do according to his religion is burn in hell for all eternity.  I mean, this is a MAJOR commandment transgressed by a MAJOR army officer.  It’s God’s will.  The least he should do is kill himself in the fashion of a dishonored Japanese samurai.  But no…  he wants to resign, bravely endure some unflattering remarks in the newspapers or the Letterman Show—which’ll blow over in a few days—and then retire in the lap of luxury.  I can see him on the Champ Elysee sipping age-old cognac and browsing the chic boutiques. 


One thing that has to change if we’re going to evolve as a species is the vagary and inconsistency of morality.  I just heard former Drug Czar, William Bennett, state on his radio show that the Bible is the moral guide of the land and helped create this wonderful democracy.  OK, if kids prove incorrigible, according to Deuteronomy, their fundamentalist evangelical parents have to take the brats outside the city gates and stone them to death.  It’s the law of God. Our leaders are cherry-picking morality and everybody accepts it.  Either execute the kid or stop claiming the Bible is the ultimate truth and morality. 


General Betray-us can laugh at the hypocrisy all the way to Monte Carlo.  Since the start of his tour in the Iraq/Afghanistan War, 1.4 trillion dollars has disappeared from the U.S. Treasury along with 4800 young lives simply disappearing into oblivion.  What did the country get for it?  The country’s infrastructure is falling apart.  Over 2.2 million souls languish behind bars.  Inner city schools can barely provide books, much less qualified teachers. 


What did we get for well over a trillion dollars?  The likes of the general can live the rest of their life on fine caviar and Chateau Lafitte Champagne. 



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Comment by Rich Goss on November 22, 2012 at 10:08am

Quite so, Earther.  The whole thing is bullshit.  It's just that myself, and I think of a lot of others, are tired of the hypocrisy.  There’s what’s called a “Military Code of Honor” that every man in uniform has to live up to.  So when the very top of the echelon disgraces the code, the whole belief system becomes a joke.

I’d like to see the dishonored general commit hari-kari on YouTube to exonerate the code.  I’ll bet a lot of soldiers would feel absolved and sanitized by such a fascinating spectacle. 

How about this one?  Mitt Romney should make a porno movie just to prove he’s a human being.

Reminds me of a line by actor Michael Moriarity when he got caught drunk at the airport.  “Don’t trust anybody that doesn’t drink.”


Comment by Earther on November 13, 2012 at 7:40pm

Stop the governmental probes into your private affairs! It should be illegal to push people out of a job because of what they did in their bedroom. I am not trying to take the wind out of your point of those who preach and do wrong. I am just saying the government is showing a lack of judgement to waist time on someone's personal sex acts.

Comment by Rich Goss on November 13, 2012 at 2:30am

Peter, it’s not General Petraeus I’m mad at.  If we think about how many married men in the country admit to having an affair during their marriage, it would be a sizable percentage of the U.S. population, in the tens of millions. 


My dismay is directed at the system itself—the hypocrisy of it all.  As I stated, if some recruit breaks some moral law, he/she never hears the end of it, including jail time just for being absent without official paperwork.  As the director, the general is the one handing down the harsh code for the entire army and agency, but when he offends, he says “all right, I broke a commandment, I’ll resign.  Just give me my money and so I can live the rest of my life like every day is Mardi Gras.”


It’s like when the baseball commissioner fines some player 25,000 dollars for smacking some fan.  The ballplayer is making five million per year, so what the heck is 25 thousand.  The fine doesn’t cut it. It makes the whole process a joke. 


The thing to do is either execute the general as canon law states or throw the Bible in the garbage. The only punishment the general receives is to take a load of stress and responsibility off his mind so he can live like a king.  The only real punishment he receives is the ridicule on the Letterman Show, but that’s nothing and he might even enjoy the attention after living such a bureaucratic lifestyle.  After all, he’s basically nothing more than a functionary.

Comment by Peter Cordel on November 12, 2012 at 11:24pm

I am confused by all the fuss of your entry. He is a man, be he Christian or not. He broke his marriage and religious vows, nothing new there either. He is far from the worst hypocrite I have ever seen.

As generals go, he did a pretty good job, better than most, if not all, of those before him.

Yes, he let us down, too, and he has really pissed me off.

Besides, Jesus was watching all the sex; it must have been good...they are both in excellent physical shape. Probably gave J.C. a boner.

Comment by Rich Goss on November 12, 2012 at 7:31pm

Thanks, Alan.  We had an apropos saying in high school in Brooklyn.  "You can't reason with a stiff dick." 


Comment by Alan Perlman on November 12, 2012 at 7:11pm

Well-roared rant!!  Men are pathetic, and the smallest or biggest of men (e.g., Slick Willie) are reduced to a worm governed by its little head.  Petraeus is the latest.  The little head knows no satisfaction, no matter how lovely one's mate (High Grant).  It does not have the capacity to contemplate consequences.

All the high-status men just mentioned are no better than the drunken lecher trying to pick up a woman at a bar.  The little head rules. 

Comment by Frankie Dapper on November 12, 2012 at 4:11pm

quite chuckle-worthy Richard and if only we could hold em to their morality maybe the shit would stop!

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