Why is There Even a Question About God?

This struck me funny this morning as I was contemplating -lost in thought.  Even the question itself, "Does God exist?", is bizarre.

My girls will watch a questionably scary movie and immediately be wary of the dark rooms in our house.  I have several rational arguments to belay, to ease their worries.  Arguments that allow me to run through creepy old houses in the dark no-problem.  Here's 2 examples...

Me stating rationally: There were no monsters or killers hiding in our house before we turned off the lights (or ever in our house), and there's definitely none a split second after we turn the lights off.

and this one...
Me: You know there's no monsters right?

Daughter: How do you know dad?

Me: Because you NEVER, EVER, see them in the news.  If monsters existed at all, there would be a news story about it "A child was chased by a monster today -news at 11".  But there's NEVER been any news stories about a monster.  The only real monsters in this world -are people.  (this argument can also PROVE santa clause)

This second example is what catches me today.  There is ZERO evidence in the world that someone can point to and say "SEE! It's true!".  There's no giant thumbprint on the moon.  There's no story of how Jesus showed up a Timmy's baseball game to help his team...

If there were evidence, we would have seen it.  There would be a news story about it.  We would ALL, already, be believers.  It would have already sorted itself out long ago if it were really true. 

That makes the whole question "Is there a God?", stupid.  "Do you see one?"

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Comment by B.c. Steele on November 20, 2012 at 1:15pm

Fantastic, I never really thought about it quite that way, but now I have a much better course of action when it comes to trying to explain to younger people the fallacies of religion. Thanks.

Comment by JP Carey on November 20, 2012 at 9:41am

That's funny Kalliope!  One wonders why it's never world wide news, proof of the supernatural.  There has to be a giant conspiracy among the rational people and scientists.  -They must want to squash it.   Hahaha, a superstitious line has been drawn.

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