Koran is only for the Arabs, not for other nations or races. It is an Arabic book. In Koran, there are:

27. We have cited in this Koran for mankind every ideal; that they may take heed (Throngs).

28. An Arabic Koran, without any defect, so they may become righteous (Throngs).

All men of the world do not say in Arabic. In Koran, there are rise and fall of some races (ESP. A’ad, Samud etc.), not of any others. When the Koran was being revealed, was there no nation or race in the world without A’ad-Samud? Was there no India or any Indian races then?

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Comment by Pat on November 21, 2012 at 12:43pm

Loren, you forgot one other one. The Ottoman Empire. Islamic in nature, and ruled by Turks - who are definitely not Arab. Add to that, we also have Iran (ancient Persia), Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Eritrea, Somalia, etc., etc.  The koran is a nonsensical magic book, the same as the jewish torah, and christian new testament. And, I might add, plagiarized in large part from the latter two. All three are available to the superstitious and gullible to interpret anyway they want, or worse, believe in someone else's interpretation. 

Comment by Loren Miller on November 21, 2012 at 9:50am

If the quran is only for the Arabs, why so much talk about new caliphates in non-Arab nations, including the United States?  Why is it that islam dominated Spain, a definitely non-Arab state, for over 700 years?  And why do followers of islam make their teachings available essentially worldwide?

The statement that quran is strictly for Arabs is nonsense.



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