Hello my fellow Atheists, Anti-Theists, Agnostics, and fence sitters. My new book "Born Again Atheist" is now available at Amazon, B&N, and well... just about anywhere. Obviously I am not asking anyone to purchase it, I am sure it would be like preaching to the choir (excuse the pun) anyway. Yet, if you have a chance, request it at your local library, and if you want you can download a free chapter at atheistparents.org, or read the "look inside" at Amazon. Yet, I would really appreciate some "likes" at Amazon and some feedback as well there and at B&N if you did read some or all of my book. I am also looking for billboard locations in the US and great marketing ideas. If my fellow Atheists out there have some good advertising ideas and/or locations I would love to hear about them. You can always contact me at info (at) bornagainatheists(dot)com or simply leave a message here. I live in Europe so I don't really have the possibility to view your locations but I trust my fellow atheists ideas in your own local market and would really like to do some "cutting edge" (Read: piss those of faith off) advertising to promote my book in your area. Furthermore, I am coming out to the US the summer of 2013 traveling from LV to LA and back, I have a few book signings and debates organized right now, but if you have an event (big or small) I would be glad to come by, talk, lecture, or debate, if we can work it into my schedule.

Thanks for your feedback and your help


PS here is the link to the book on Amazon


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Comment by Jason Griffiths on December 1, 2012 at 11:17am

I just read "The 10 Commandments"!!! That is so funny!!!! 

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