After seeing an ad on TV for  0% financing, I spontaneously headed to the "big city" (Lafayette IN) to look at a Dodge truck. My Dakota is 8 years old, nearly 100k miles.

The salesman was friendly, and although the model he offered wasn't what I was interested in, he insisted I take a test drive. Big mistake. Traffic was awful, and I was in a vehicle I didn't feel comfortable in. I almost prayed for no accident to occur.

Anyway, the salesman was a talker--with horrible English ("We was, have went", etc.). Worse, in the course of conversation, he had to tell me about his religion. His four children all went to a private church school (Faith Baptist) because public schools "force evolution down kids' throats". I kept quiet until he asked me where I worked.

Then I nailed him. "I was a middle and high school science teacher, including biology, forcing evolution down kids' throats", I said. Dumbstruck, he replied, "Really?"  Yep.

He got off that subject and back on the truck's features. But the point is, we atheists can't seem to escape this religious America of ours. Obviously, I would never buy a vehicle from this cretin. 

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Comment by James Kz on December 10, 2012 at 10:56am
Like the counter-argument. That is the sort I like (though I do not teach biology, nor anything else at all.) I just sit on the village board now and give silent reminder that there are atheists everywhere, and we don't eat babies - we even support our public library and hold local government office).

There was a brief startle when the county attorney took my affirmation of office and the Bible sat silently on the table. (I was prepared to use the State Constitution if I was required to put my hand on something.)

On cars: we went to Denver last month after negotiating with the Mercedes dealer there over the price of a new Smart on the telephone. They were unprepared for us to show up in a two-tone (metal flake and rust) Honda Accord with 220,000 miles, and a money order for the amount we'd negotiated.

They were all about removing all the "hidden charges" they were planning to add, like dealer prep and delivery, because the money order was all we had for the deal. (I think they were looking forward to a loan or something they could pad.)

I suspect they quietly took a forklift to our old car and drove it round back to the dumpster when we were leaving.
Comment by Loren Miller on December 8, 2012 at 8:42am

Good counter, Randall.  Too often, those idiots need to be reminded that there's a point of view other than theirs in this country.

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