Is Religious indoctrination of children Meltal Abuse?

It's a crime to lock your child up under the stairs. It's considered abuse. I fail to see the difference in locking a child's mind under the stairs. The psychological wounds last forever a broken bone heals in 6-8weeks.

   I myself grew up attending the JW (Jehovah's Witness) kingdom Hall. I'm in my 40's I have 2 kids 18-22. I was lucky in a way, I was born without a God spot and knew from the 2nd day everything that was said and thought  about religions was utter bullshit. And dangerous. If i was to ever openly object to a doctrine or say what i really thought about the church I would get a punch in the mouth. Sometimes locked in an uninsulated shed in the winter for weeks at a time. No food no water although my mother would sneak sandwiches and juice or milk out to me.(Yes, this really happened regularly) I was dragged every week and an annual week long assembly for the next 17 years. Listening to the vile evil beliefs and prejudices I should have.

   How does a 10 year old child find out through the rumor mill in the JW church the couple that got recently married had a problem with the husband being effeminate wanting anal sex. He was obviously gay but did his best to hide it due to the religious bigotry. But my point is how does a 10yr old find out about a confidential discussion with elders. This really put me off the JW's that anything i confess to can be offered around as rumor and used humiliate if they feel like it. It's a known cult brainwashing tool. The horrible things I was told about non-believing family's of people that joined the church was all bigoted vile hateful speech. Applied to all non-believers around me and to myself because I didn't believe what they were saying. Silly i think of it now that I would accept this part of their beliefs and reject the rest. That's how firmly the vileness of non-believers is instilled in children. I hated myself for a long time I was taught to despise myself because my non-beliefs. I and others around me were old we were stupid daily if not hourly for how we thought. I would do the most ignorant things because it didn't matter. I already didn't believe them so I had to be one of these vile evil people already. So It didn't matter what ignorant thing I did. This leads to a very self destructive life.

  Back to my point. My brother whom I'm sure follows the JW's for the social reasons, has a daughter. He's also an elder in this organization. She's never gone to school and has no contact with people outside the religion. No Contact with Family. We are not even allowed to give her gifts. She is a very smart outgoing articulate 18 yr old girl otherwise. As far as my limited contact with her. Her intelligence has saved her she was able to home school herself. Her mother has never looked at anything in a critical way. Making toast would take all her thinking progresses. My brother is below average smarts and in no way qualified to be a teacher. These are people that firmly believe that the earth is only 6 thousand years old and outright reject evolution. We are all evil and going to be wiped out if we don't believe and the earth is going to end in our life time. 144k will live in heaven and the believers will have the earth remade by god just for them to live on for eternity. Growing up in the cult era of the 70-90's and watching Jones-town happen. I was always scared as a child that they would try to make me drink the koolaid before i could get out.

   I have an IQ of about 168 and could if i needed to teach up to date physics to a grade 8-10 class. I would still not say I'm qualified to home school a child. Never mind that he is teaching her strictly doctrine (He doesn't believe evolution.) and leaving out or contradicting know facts.  Using a tool, the classroom that should be strictly secular if for nothing else social interaction. I at least understand religious schools but home schooling children in these conditions is worse that the the physical abuse. The Evil baggage shes carrying around with her is the result of the mental torment. This is my brother the son of the asshole mentioned above that could do no wrong.(within the religion) I'm not suggesting he's physically abused her at all I have no proof of that. What I am saying is he has the same religion that allowed my abuse as a child and he's got the same thought prepossesses going on in his head that the asshole did. Why is this not considered abuse? If it was any other type of group doing this I'm sure the child would be taken with out question. Why does doing it the name of religion make it acceptable? It's not freedom of worship issue it's a what is child abuse issue.

The harm is that If I didn't also have a non-believing mother and friends to turn to I would be dead. For her all family and other non-believers are evil. She only has friends in the religion. All of them would never talk to her ever again. Even her parents would have to give up their religion to maintain contact with her because they are elders and baptized. If she for some reason decided to not believe and go through the stuff I had to she has nobody to save her life. Why is this acceptable behavior just because you do it in the name of religion??

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Comment by jay H on January 18, 2013 at 8:15pm

hey, first of all hi!

I was raised JW also back in the 60s. I went through a lot of it, eventually found my own way out (as did my ex wife and my brother). My mother still believes, as did my father up till his death. But as the years went by I believed it less and less, until I shed my cocoon.

When people get hungry for something more mentally substantial, they will often find the way. Especially now with access to internet on smart phones etc.

I don't however go along with trying to fabricate into law what people teach their kids.  My love of freedom finds that criminally dangerous. Putting in the hands of the government the determination of what is the 'right thing' to teach children puts the state in a frightening position of power, especially as different factions gain traction in government over the years. The same law that could prosecute parents for religious dogma, could with very little change, prosecute free thinkers for the same thing.

Comment by J. Morr on January 4, 2013 at 3:45pm

Thank you for your comments. I'm reading them all. signing in through google has given me grief. So I'm unable to sign in for days at a time.

Even though this topic has been discussed before I think it deserves the attention. All I can do is some how let her know I'll be there for her if she decides to give up on the lies shes been taught.

Comment by Michael Penn on January 3, 2013 at 7:05am

   This problem is a "grey area" that cannot be voted on or legislated by the public at large because it is in the "freedom of religion" framework. If anything is done legally here, then it soon follows that others can be attacked legally for teaching anything. The only "cure" is to "wake up" individually. Many of us have.

   I was Pentecostal, and as bad as I think they are, they are much like JW's. The struggle of all religionists it to convince you that they have a "greater truth." This would then make them "more favored" of God and they want to teach YOU that truth! It even makes things more valid to them if they can teach some "unbroken line of truth" from the time of Christ until the present day. Too ignorant to see that there is no such thing, they teach their garbage in any society worldwide. This fits everyone. Just change the outward groups name and add Muslim, Jew, or Christian and you have it. Anyone not named fits in as well. It just depends on what part of the world you are from.

   Although indoctrination is a form of child abuse, I doubt that anything can be done legally by the "law." Those that make our laws want to keep us divided. (It's good for the vote.) On the other hand, education is the cure in this case. Education is what brought most of us out. We simply reach a point where we cannot believe the doctrines any longer.

Comment by tom sarbeck on January 2, 2013 at 10:19pm

Indoctrinating children into religion is IN DEED child abuse.

We have now to make the following true: indoctrinating children into religion is IN LAW child abuse.

In the 26 or so states whose Constitutions provide for the initiative, are there enough non-believers to get the required number of signatures of registered voters to put such a proposal on the ballot?

It's essential to use the November general election ballot because in primary elections conservatives, who take voting more seriously than liberals, are more likely to vote.

Comment by Loren Miller on January 1, 2013 at 7:02am

This is a topic which has been likely beaten to death on more discussion boards than I care to count.  I know it's gone the rounds on A|N and I personally have put in far more than my own $0.02 on another site as well.

The baseline for this whole business, in yours truly's humble opinion is this:


They don't start out with a working intellect that can distinguish BS from fact.  They tend to accept the input from their elders and can be frightened or intimidated into accepting something simply on the basis of an adult's authority and the frequent perceived potential threat stemming from the physical size of that authority.  Kids very often believe what they're told, and to the degree to which force or threat is used in association with a given teaching ... yes, absolutely, we're talking about Child Abuse here.

The very fact that we have A|N groups called "Recovering From Religion" and a group specifically for Seventh-Day Adventists who want to share their specific horror stories is ample evidence of such indoctrination.  Even in less strict denominations, once a person begins to recognize the falsity which is religion, shedding the programming which has come along with it is by no means an academic matter.  This is the product of a system which cannot prove its own point and has to rely on dogma and dicta ex cathedra and threats of an untoward afterlife to bolster its otherwise untenable positions.

To me, the evidence, anecdotal and otherwise, never mind my own personal experience, make the conclusion obvious:

Religious Indoctrination IS Child Abuse.

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