I am so sick and tired of hearing that people will be praying for those who have suffered in this tragedy.  It sickens me for people to say that it was God's Will and that we shouldn't question it only pray for the families that they may grieve in peace.  Thats bullcrap! An evil person did some very horrible stuff today.  This is reality.  Praying to an invisible big man out there in space isn't going to do anything for the families.  The only way that I can see to help is to send real help.  Send counselors who can help with therapy, food, and money for those families.  None of that will actually make it any easier, but at least you are doing something other than hoping and wishing that god will show them how their loved one's death will bring something good from it.  I just want to scream at all those believers for posting stupid stuff...but most likely I would only start spamming against me and not really get anywhere with what I originally intended...hope people here can understand...Don't get me wrong I feel horrible for those people who suffered, but praying will do nothing for them.  Telling them that God wanted their children dead...doesn't make them feel better...


All right well I got it off my chest...Sorry if I offended anyone...



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Comment by sflmac on December 15, 2012 at 10:07am

I felt same thing yesterday, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/14/mike-huckabee-school-shoot..., Mike Huckabee now use this shooting incident on religious purpose. I am no longer to watch TV or read news about Connecticut tragedy.

Comment by James Kz on December 15, 2012 at 8:07am

We cannot say he is "an evil person." We do not know his motivations.

What gets me (being a gun owner myself) is the glorification of the II Amendment, as if it were holy writ.

President Obama noted in his declaration of half-masting the flag that "now is not the time to discuss such matters" (referring to gun violence and control).

We discussed Katrina and FEMA's response as it was happening. We discussed the Libya ligation almost before the Ambassador's body was even found. We discuss all kinds of things as they are happening.

Except gun violence. There, the NRA and their dealer cronies (which provide almost all their funding, not their members) push an agenda through Congress that we all would like to debate all sides of before coming to one conclusion or another.

But we, the people, the voters, do not have the money and power to force that debate. If now is not the time, when is? There are fifteen murders by gun every day in the USA.

Mother Jones has an article here on the sixty-two mass murders since 1982 (defined as four or more people in the same place by the FBI).

The first known school shooting was on July 26, 1764 Wikipedia link, though the worst school killing was the Bath Michigan School Bombing just south of where I grew up, in 1927, the third deadliest mass mu...

So if now is not the time, when is? After it is no longer news? That is what the NRA and their supporters are really saying when "now is not the time" comes up. It is never the time.



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