For the life of me, I can't understand the irrationality of god believers, and that includes the President of the United States.

In the face of the tragic event in Newtown, Connecticut, the same old stupid, inane words come out of the mouths of adults. You know: "god was watching over my child", or "the dead children are in a better place", or "god has a plan", or "thank god my children weren't hurt", etc. I want to scream.

Don't these people get it? Their god is loving and caring, but capricious. Say what? Religion has always been the great comforter. Look on the bright side, they say. There is no bright side. Children and adults were slaughtered. No god of theirs prevented the carnage. But, they are told to be comforted by the love of god. Told by the President.

Now, I like Mr. Obama. He's a good guy and good president. His presence at Newtown was necessary. I just wish he wouldn't be so damn religious.

I have been fairly successful in tuning out all the news surrounding the horrific event. It not only saddens me greatly, but hearing about the "heroes" and the "god protected us" interviews just simply irritates me. There's nothing I can do about it, so I choose to ignore all the gore and detail. That's just me.

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Comment by Pat on December 17, 2012 at 10:40am

@Loren. I doubt a completely secular speech, like the one given the President last night, will occur in our lifetime. Yes, it would be nice to have a leader acknowledge that good and evil reside in humans, and not some outside spirit realm. That the problem is not lack of god in schools, nor the solution more incessant groveling to a non-existent entity. But, it wasn’t just the audience in Newtown, CT. It was a national audience he was speaking to.

I watched it, and I recall one of the first speakers give about 2 whole seconds of lip service to non-believers. After that, it was "everyone in the magic sky daddy pool," which, to be blunt, I found rather hypocritical. The other thing that struck me about the whole ceremony was they had a Muslim, a couple of Jewish rabbis, and an inordinate amount of Christian ministers there. Nice, I suppose, in the sense of some pretense and thinly veiled veneer of diversity of belief. But at the very end, a young Lutheran minister tells everyone in the audience - including the Muslims, Jews and non-believers - to go in peace with Jesus Christ. WTF?! Even in times of great sorrow, with a public recognition not everyone thinks the same, they still have to pound Jesus up everyone's ass?! 

Comment by Loren Miller on December 17, 2012 at 8:24am

As it comes to Obama's speech in Newtown, you have to consider his audience.  Clearly he did.  I seriously doubt that the residents of Newtown wanted to hear rational and reasonable and logical.  That would have gone over about as well as a lead zeppelin.  These were (in all likelihood) mostly religious, mostly christian people who expected to be addressed along the lines of their faith, and Obama gave them what they wanted.

Which begs the question: what if, instead of Sandy Hook Elementary, the target had been an atheists' school (if such a thing exists anywhere)?  How would his address have been different, other than in the exclusion of the biblical references?  And would such an address ... COULD it be equally well received by a believing audience?  To be honest, I would like to hear such a elegy, to hear empathy and comfort not couched in religious terms but in purely human terms, if for no other reason than that such would be nearly unprecedented in my experience.  About the only other time I've heard such usage of language would be in memorials for Christopher Hitchens.  The problem is that there, it was far less a tragedy than it was a foreseen circumstance which was painful nevertheless.

Doesn't change the fact that a secular speech equivalent to Obama's address would be something to hear.  Anyone care to take a shot at it?

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