Being that I'm nearly perfect (joke), I usually don't make new years' resolutions. I wonder how that all got started, anyway? I suppose it's "a beginning" or starting point.

Whatever the reason, I do think about any changes, alterations, substitutions in my "way of life". It's only natural. Mainly, however, new goals is the challenge.

My main goal is to stay alive for another year. One never knows what fate(s) lie ahead. I know one thing, no gods control my fate.

Another goal is to gain weight. Yes, GAIN weight! I have a problem maintaining my weight which is around 120 lbs (at 5'8"). However, in the past, when I was heavier (135), the extra pounds were found in the midsection. So, I'm trying to redistribute my hopeful "excess" to my upper body in the form of muscle mass. Consequently, I am doing extra weight lifting with barbells.

I say "extra" because I have lifted weights for my entire life, unfortunately, with little observational  results. It's one of the great mysteries of my existance. How is it possible to lift 60 lbs over and over and over, and not build bigger arm and upper body looks? I'm strong and wiry, but not big. I guess genetics is my biggest opponent.

Well, if nothing else, lifting weights is good for me: muscle tone, bone strength, endorphines, etc. It may not help me look bigger, but it may keep me alive longer. It had better, or I've wasted a lot of time!

One more goal: ENJOY LIFE!! Appreciate what I have, not bemoan what I don't.

Have a great year, fellow secularists! 

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Comment by Earther on January 3, 2013 at 9:22pm

you sound like a healthy person, that is good.  I would definitely ask advice from a family doctor or nutritionist on how to meet your goals.  keep up the good work.

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