In fact even an evil spirit or anything supernatural will do so that I can have positive reason to believe. I'm searching for the truth. My prayer: Dear God I'm asking you in public. Not because I want to make a show of it but because the evidence that you only exist in the minds of men is evident to me and I would like all your faithfull around the world to pray and ask you to help me in this matter. All I'm asking for is a small morsal of evidence like what you had given to your faithfull of old. I'm sure there are many of your faithfull today that will say they have wittnesed (in the flesh) and conversed with spirits or those in the beyond. I think its all in their minds. Their belief in you (your existence) is so strong that their imaginations are running wild.  My mind is clean, I can't be fooled. I'm not challenging you, let me state this up front in public. Fair is fair SHOW ME THE EXISTENCE OF SUPERNATURAL TO MY SATISFACTION  NOW.............AMEN.

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Comment by Billie Culver on January 5, 2013 at 7:24pm

Let me guess... no response, right? Of course not because he isn't real! But if he were I wish he would rapture all those pesky believers and make the world a better place. My prayer... Dear god, deliver us from your people. amen.

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